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Surviving a Sex Drought in Your Relationship

As we grow, our sexual selves often shift. One year you’re perfecting the art of japanese bondage and the next you realize you’d happily trade sex for pajamas, fresh popcorn and Netflix instant. So at some point in nearly every … Continue reading

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Study Says the Elderly Are Still Having Frequent Sex

Here’s something no one wants to think about: their grandparents having sex. But recently published research from The University of Manchester and NatCen Social Research concludes that not only do old folks (those is their 70s and 80s) still have … Continue reading

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3 Things to Do With Your Significant Other This Year

By now you’re probably seriously sick of 2015 listicles. But like slices of pie at Thanksgiving, there’s always room for just…one…more.  So, here’s a rundown of 3 things to do with your significant other this year and every year, because other … Continue reading

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5 Summer Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

As if summer wasn’t sexy enough, here is a list of fresh foods to boost your sex drive this season, and beyond …

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Let’s Get Over the Nickname Shame Game

I was hanging at a dude friend’s place last week with a few other friends, mostly dudes. As it usually does, the topic eventually turned to sex, and one of my friends started telling this story about a girl he … Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: But Really, Do Vegans Taste Better?

I’ve been wanting to tackle this subject for quite some time now; it’s a running joke in the vegan community that vegans “taste better.” Funny as it may be, it’s also founded on truth. The healthier you eat, the better … Continue reading

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Mood Kill: The Four-Legged C*ck Block

So here’s a weird confession: Ever since I adopted a dog back in December, my sex life has been dwindling. Since my manslice and I live in a studio space, our pup is within an arm’s reach at all times. … Continue reading

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3 Ways of Thinking That Will Improve Your Sex Life

There really is no winning recipe for “good” sex. Everyone likes it a little bit different, and when we put two—or more!– people together in a sexual situation, well they’re going to have to work together to figure out what … Continue reading

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When Sex Is Broken; Treating Sex As A Symptom

A lagging sex life is the number one signal that something is awry in a relationship, followed by the urge to punch a hole in the wall if you have to watch your partner chew with their mouth open for … Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: 5 Health F*ck Ups Guaranteed to Slaughter Your Sex Drive

Summer is over, and fall is here. The change of season can make you a little wonky; You’re just getting into that summertime routine and then BAM, days are short again and you need a jacket. When your schedule is … Continue reading

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