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Stuff I Get Off On; A Procrastinator’s Gift Guide

Let me start by saying the holidays should not merely be a time to drain your bank accounts in the name of generosity. It should be a time for gratitude, for taking care of ourselves by relaxing and indulging, and … Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan: Man Vs. (Sex) Machine

My dad once told me–although he could have gotten this from somewhere else and I am just remembering it as his wisdom bc I’m a closeted daddy’s girl–that a true writer NEEDS to write. If they haven’t written, they feel … Continue reading

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Stuff I Get Off On: The Hitachi Magic Wand

For those of you who don’t speak sex toy, the Hitachi Magic Wand is the Cadillac of toys; Super fun to drive, even if it is a bit bulky and out-dated. This bad boy still plugs into the wall—that’s how … Continue reading

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