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5 Great Vegan Date Night Dinner Ideas

Happy Friday! For me, Friday night is often date night. While going out to eat is fun, cooking together and eating at home is much more intimate. Cooking for someone else is also a great way to show your appreciation … Continue reading

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Cookies and Jam! Vegan Bake Sale at Gristle Tattoo

Hey friends! So in case you didn’t know, April 20-28 is the official week of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. This fun, yummy global event raises money for a variety of causes, by simply selling sweets! Because, you know, everyone … Continue reading

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Stuff I Get Off On; A Procrastinator’s Gift Guide

Let me start by saying the holidays should not merely be a time to drain your bank accounts in the name of generosity. It should be a time for gratitude, for taking care of ourselves by relaxing and indulging, and … Continue reading

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Stuff I Get Off On: G-Zen (Food Porn Alert!)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking out a semi-new vegan restaurant in Brandford, Conn., called G-Zen. I went with my friend Hannah and met a new friend there, Paul, who I uhm…may or may not have met on … Continue reading

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