Winter Kale Breakfast Smoothie

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: Mmmm, kale for breakfast! No? Well you should be. It’s harder for me to get my daily raw greens in the winter, when it’s cold and wet outside and I naturally crave warm, spicy food.  So a kale smoothie in the morning guarantees a serving before I even get my toes out the door. Here is my winter kale smoothie. I warn you that this is not a hide-your-veggies type of smoothie; it tastes like kale. Follow the optional substitution suggestions if you want a sweeter drink.

Serves 2/Prep Time 5 minutes/Cook Time 2 minutes

2 cups cleaned chopped kale
1 ripe banana
1 apple, roughly chopped
1  cup coconut water
* Optional Substitution: if you want a sweeter smoothie, sub 1 piece fruit (pear, apple, etc..) for 1 cup kale, or add 2 teaspoon agave. Personally, I like the kale flavor.

Step one
Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until incorporated. Some pulsing may be necessary. Kale can be pretty cantankerous.

Step two
Pour into a glass and enjoy. That’s all folks!

So how do you enjoy your kale? And check out more ways I eat kale on, the awesome pop-vegan culture site put out by Ayinde Howell, the brilliant vegan chef who made me the best  pancakes, veg sausage and Mac-N-Yease this weekend. You da best, Ayinde! (I say that like the Italian chef from Lady and the Tramp, in case you were wondering.)


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