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Surviving a Sex Drought in Your Relationship

As we grow, our sexual selves often shift. One year you’re perfecting the art of japanese bondage and the next you realize you’d happily trade sex for pajamas, fresh popcorn and Netflix instant. So at some point in nearly every … Continue reading

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Study Says the Elderly Are Still Having Frequent Sex

Here’s something no one wants to think about: their grandparents having sex. But recently published research from The University of Manchester and NatCen Social Research concludes that not only do old folks (those is their 70s and 80s) still have … Continue reading

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New Crowdfunded Wearable Sex Toy Closes Pleasure Gap

Crowd funding isn’t just for indie films and EPs anymore. In the past few years, everyone from hot sauce companies to clothing manufacturers have been turning to crowdfunding platforms to make their creative visions a reality. (Cough, I successfully funded … Continue reading

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3 Sexy Stocking Stuffers PLUS a Giveaway

Happy holidays, folks! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or something entirely different, everyone likes a sexy gift, right? Below are three of my favorite sexytime playthings.

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Top 5 Sex Trends of 2014

The Fifty Shades inspired DIY BDSM boom cooled this year (although we’ll see what happens when the movie comes out…), so what were folks doing to each other in the bedroom/office/kitchen? Here is a rundown of a few of the … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Grapefruiting

Several weeks back, a friend asked me if I had seen “the grapefruiting video.” The wah? “Well, you write about food and sex so I figured…” they said, trailing off. As soon as I got home, I took to the … Continue reading

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New Cruelty-Free Condoms Target Women – Brilliantly!

A new cruelty-free condom recently rolled down the red carpet, joining the ranks of other ethical contraceptive powerhouses like Glyde and Sir Richard’s. The newest member of the cruelty-free condom marketplace, called Sustain, is not only cruelty-free but made from … Continue reading

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Activist Makes Creepy Videos About Vegans Being Better in Bed

There are some pretty interesting videos circling around the interwebz highlighting the much-spoken topic of vegans being better in bed. Unfortunately this string of videos, done by the tuneless and terrifying John Sakars, are highly cringe-worthy. Sakars, an animal rights … Continue reading

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11 Simple Ways to be More Mindful

Everyday I work harder at being mindful: enjoying the moment I am in instead of rushing ahead trying to get to what’s next. It’s not easy, but focusing on the task you’re doing, even if that task is simply walking … Continue reading

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5 Summer Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

As if summer wasn’t sexy enough, here is a list of fresh foods to boost your sex drive this season, and beyond …

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