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Dining In vs. Dining Out on Date Night

Don’t get me wrong, I love eating out as much as the next food obsessed vegan. But when it comes to having a date night, creating a special meal in your own kitchen can better set the mood than dining … Continue reading

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9 Reasons to Date a Vegan

Below are a handful of reasons you should date a vegan, and none of them have to do with our affinity for all things kale.

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3 Things to Do With Your Significant Other This Year

By now you’re probably seriously sick of 2015 listicles. But like slices of pie at Thanksgiving, there’s always room for just…one…more.  So, here’s a rundown of 3 things to do with your significant other this year and every year, because other … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Survive Holidays as the Only Vegan

Holiday time is family time. Sometimes we chill with our own fam, other times we’re kicking it with our partner’s fam and sometimes we’re even meeting the maybe-possibly-future-inlaws for the first time. That first time run in is nearly always … Continue reading

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4 Possible Food Solutions for Mixed-Diet Couples

So your live-in partner doesn’t eat like you? Bummersauce. What’s a vegan (gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo or nut-free) to do? Sharing a space with someone who is very different than you can be frustrating, but when food is involved, it can … Continue reading

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4 Tips For Finding Another Vegan to Date

Fall is well underway, with winter already whispering frosty sweet nothings late at night. In case you didn’t know, fall and winter are the official cuffing season, so many single-folk are looking for someone to cozy-up with through the holidays. … Continue reading

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The Lusty Vegan Drops Book Trailer Series

This week was an exciting one; in addition to a volcano going off in my funky Hawaiian jungle town (yep, we’ve been declared both a disaster zone and a state of emergency in the same month), we also dropped the … Continue reading

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A Very Vegan Disaster: The White Elephant in My Refrigerator

Last week I opened up the fridge to a very vegan disaster. In addition to the normal contents (produce, almond milk, tempeh, a pineapple the size of my head) there were some interesting new additions: Eggs, two kinds of lunch … Continue reading

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5 Great Vegan Date Night Dinner Ideas

Happy Friday! For me, Friday night is often date night. While going out to eat is fun, cooking together and eating at home is much more intimate. Cooking for someone else is also a great way to show your appreciation … Continue reading

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