Dining In vs. Dining Out on Date Night

Don’t get me wrong, I love eating out as much as the next food obsessed vegan. But when it comes to having a date night, creating a special meal in your own kitchen can better set the mood than dining out. Below are 7 reasons eating in is more fun than eating out.

No crowds. While eating out is prime time for people watching, eating in makes it easier to focus on your date. It is date night, after all.

More control. When you eat in, you can completely fine tune your environment, from lighting to mood music to how much wine you can drink without feeling judged by your server.

It’s cheaper. Cooking at home will help you stick to your budget without making you look cheap. Making a meal is thoughtful; insisting your date fill up on the free bread and split a main course, not so much.

It’s more impressive. Everyone can order off a menu, but not everyone can cook up a killer seitan wellington or made-from-scratch lasagna. If you cook for your date, you’re going to win some major impress points.

It’s healthier. Unless you’re ordering the salad, whatever you create at home will likely be healthier than restaurant fare. A huge, heavy dinner doesn’t exactly set the mood for romance, so the sex will be steamier when you eat at home.

It’s easier to connect. When you dine in, you not only connect while eating, but while cooking, too. You can even turn cooking into a game. Challenge each other to see who can make a better red sauce, or see if you can cook your way through a whole cookbook.

You’re closer to the bedroom. Skip the drive home and head straight from the dining room to the bedroom. Win!

So, what do you prefer? Eating in or eating out? And could you tell it was very, very hard for me to abstain from making jokes about eating out on date night?


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