3 Things to Do With Your Significant Other This Year

By now you’re probably seriously sick of 2015 listicles. But like slices of pie at Thanksgiving, there’s always room for just…one…more.  So, here’s a rundown of 3 things to do with your significant other this year and every year, because other than the fuck-ton of movies coming out, there’s really not much special about 2015.

1. Power down more often. Getting away from screens and spending more face time (not FaceTime) with each other can only do good things. This includes banning laptops, phones, iPads, and your Kindle, too. Pick a night or five a week where you turn your screens off after 7. I know, hard to imagine, right? What did we do with each other before binge watching reruns of That 70’s Show on Netflix was an option? The good news is that by powering down, you’ll get to enjoy each other, go to sleep earlier and probably wind up having more sex, too—because THAT’S what we did before the Netflix binge watch was a thing…

2. Pick a project to do together. Doing something new together is an automatic recipe for bonding, or at least something you can laugh about later. Pick a fun evening or weekend project to take down in the New Year. Take up a new sport, repaint your bedroom, cook your way through this awesome cookbook, start a YouTube channel.

3. Commit to having more sex. It doesn’t matter how much sex you’re having right now, there’s always room for more! You don’t need to go crazy and pledge to have sex every day, but making an effort to up your game will likely bring you closer and shake you out of your twice-a-week ten-pump-and-done routine. Orgasms for all!

Okay, what are some of your relationship intentions for the new year?


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