3 Ways to Survive Holidays as the Only Vegan

Holiday time is family time. Sometimes we chill with our own fam, other times we’re kicking it with our partner’s fam and sometimes we’re even meeting the maybe-possibly-future-inlaws for the first time. That first time run in is nearly always awkward, and when you throw veganism into the mix, things can quickly catapult to the next level. Everyone wants to comment on your plate and ask you for the fifth time why you don’t eat butter. One minute everyone is smiling, the next you’re alone in the corner holding that hummus platter you brought…

Whether you’re meeting your sig-O’s omnivorous family for the first time or just spending time with your own folks, it can be awkward to be the only vegan around the dinner table. Below are 3 top tips that will help you survive holidays with the omnis, whether they’re yours or someone else’s.

1. Don’t make it all about the food. Holidays in America are entirely about the food, which—while delicious—makes for an interesting event when your food choices are completely different than everyone around you. Instead of hovering by the buffet table where you can eat nothing but the crudite, sit down and have an actual conversation or four with the people around you. Don’t just sit side-by-side and scroll your Instagram feed; actually have those things we once called discussions. Want to do something aside from eat but don’t really want to talk to anyone? Play with the children! They won’t ask you for the 50th time why you’re not married yet…

2. Can your answers. If you’re the only vegan at the party, it’s going to come up at least once. Why are you vegan? What about fish? They aren’t really animals, right? Is breast milk vegan? Make sure you have some good canned answers that encourage thoughtful conversation and make you seem intelligent, not aggressive. It’s also a good idea to keep your answers short and non-lecturey. Hopefully the convo will prove fruitful, but it’s smart to have a diversion tactic in case things start to spitball into an argument. Worst case scenario, excuse yourself to the restroom and then head elsewhere when you’re done…

3. Bring a killer dish. No one can ask how you’re vegan when you just blew their minds with that corn and potato chowder. Let the food do the talking – no one can argue with their mouths full!

Oh, and bonus! Watch this super relevant book trailer! Awww yeah.

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