Top 5 Sex Trends of 2014

The Fifty Shades inspired DIY BDSM boom cooled this year (although we’ll see what happens when the movie comes out…), so what were folks doing to each other in the bedroom/office/kitchen? Here is a rundown of a few of the top sex trends in 2014.

Sex toy apps

Several different app controlled sex toys came out this year, perfect for long distance lovers or those of us who want to try some interesting foreplay in really, really big houses. (Okay you go to the kitchen and I’ll just be here with my phone and….)

This vibrator alarm clock

Because why would you want to wake up any other way?

More morning sex
What’s (maybe) better than a vibrating alarm clock? Actual sex in the morning. More people were singing about the joys of morning sex this year, and why not? It’s energizing, helps you feel connected to your partner all day long, and well it’s just hard to have a bad day when you’ve come (twice) before 8 am.


Okay I don’t know if many people were actually doing this, but I’m still impressed someone thought of it at all…

Everyone was talking about rimming this year, or as the hipsters like to call it, “eating the booty.” While analinguis is far from a new concept, the act seriously blew up in 2014. Some even called this year a “booty-eating renaissance.” I don’t exactly know what that means, but from hip hop lyrics (I’m looking at you, Nicki) to rumors about Derek Jeter, ass eating was the 2014 sexual equivalent to last year’s cronut. I also noticed an emphasis this year on the importance of doing squats – I wonder if the two trends are correlated?

Okay, so what were you doing this year? Can we some how infuse ass eating and cronuts? No? Too much?

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  1. CiCi says:

    I’ll have what they’re having.

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