The Lusty Vegan Culinary Art Installation Comes to New York

It’s official! The advanced copies of The Lusty Vegan book are here! Right this second, I have a fresh copy nestled into my lap, and I’m petting it like a kitten.

Even more exciting is the fantastic tour Ayinde and I are rolling out this fall. Our first stop? New York City of course.

On October 15 and 16—yep, that’s right, two nights!–we will be hosting a culinary art installation at Suite ThreeOhSix at 7:30 pm.

What’s a culinary art installation? It’s a fusion of food, photography, and story telling – the first of its kind! For two nights, you can come view food and lifestyle photos taken by the amazing photographer Geoff Souder, and then Ayinde will be serving up four courses delish courses, between which Ayinde and I will do a little storytelling and offer some tips and tricks from the book itself. Afterward, there will be a short Q&A. In addition, ticket price includes a signed copy of The Lusty Vegan!

So what’s on the menu?
Hearts of baltimore crab cake
Pickled fennel salad
Fillet de soy
Strawberry shortcake biscuits 

Please consider coming out to 59 Franklin St to join us on either of these nights. We would love to see your face, feed you some food, show you some photography, and hopefully make you laugh with our stories.

Purchase tickets here. 

And don’t forget to check out the book, which is currently available for pre-order!


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One Response to The Lusty Vegan Culinary Art Installation Comes to New York

  1. Hannah says:

    Sounds amazing! Any chance you need paparazzi/press coverage [hint hint]?

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