Activist Makes Creepy Videos About Vegans Being Better in Bed

There are some pretty interesting videos circling around the interwebz highlighting the much-spoken topic of vegans being better in bed.

Unfortunately this string of videos, done by the tuneless and terrifying John Sakars, are highly cringe-worthy. Sakars, an animal rights activist, has been making these for a couple of years now. As creeptastic as this fellow comes off to me, at least he is fighting the good fight? Every movement has to have a handful of creepy pale dudes making music videos in their basements, right?

Anyway, enjoy a handful of his videos, because it’s Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend, and I know you’ve lost all motivation to work right now.

The original was deleted, well, because it’s kinda offensive, but don’t worry, Vegan Vagina Juice (VVJ) is back. Sorry if this one gets stuck in your head for a week.


Sexy, kinda:

Not gonna lie, kinda into this shirt and carrot scarf combo:

Loud and clear:

This makes me want to get a green screen:


I think he’s telling the truth here…

And this one…

And we’re back in the bathtub…

If you don’t like these videos, you will probably enjoy this Reddit feed. Here is a small snippet:

Man, I’m pretty bummed the username “ShitFaced_Dumbledore” is already taken…

What did you think of these videos? Like em? Hate em? Mildly traumatized? Leave it in the comments, and have a great weekend!

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One Response to Activist Makes Creepy Videos About Vegans Being Better in Bed

  1. Emily says:

    I cannot help but love the fact that he exists.

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