5 Summer Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

As if summer wasn’t sexy enough, here is a list of fresh foods to boost your sex drive this season, and beyond …

Watermelon – This juicy melon contains citrulline, which helps dilate your blood vessels and keep things moving. Good sex is all about proper blood flow, which helps you get stimulated and stay aroused. Yes! Another excuse for a watermelon binge.

Blueberries – These summer beauties have tons of soluble fiber which clears out your arteries by pushing cholesterol through. While vegans don’t typically have a cholesterol issue (cholesterol lurks in fatty meats and animal products), blueberries also relax your blood vessels, further improving circulation. Remember what I said about circulation?


Tomatoes – Back in the day, the puritans called tomatoes “love apples” because they were widely renowned for their stimulation properties. While I speculate that back in the puritan days, the mere sight of a boob-shaped fruit was titillating, modern day science supports this as well. These pretty babies are good for your sex drive because they are packed with lycopene, which promotes prostrate health in men, and is speculated to boost the libido of both men and women.

Hot peppers – Growing a few spicy peppers in your garden? Throw ’em into a stir-fry to give your libido a boost. They contain capsaicin, which revs your metabolism, increases blood flow and stimulates your sex bits so you feel flush even before you hit the sheets – or the kitchen counter. No judgements!


Artichokes – While peak artichoke season is spring, you can continue with these babes into summer, as well. Ancient Romans believed artichokes were both an aphrodisiac, and would make you live longer. It’s speculated that this is because artichokes promote a healthy liver, and while that may not sound super sexy, a high-functioning liver is essential for arousal.

So, what’s on your summer eating list?

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One Response to 5 Summer Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

  1. CiCi says:

    Blueberries? Oh, geez, I might be eating too many blueberries. Menage a moi, your “dinner table” is waiting.

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