Weird Sex News: World Cup Players Banned from Sex..and More!

From furniture fetishes to looning, people’s sex preferences can get pretty weird sometimes. Today, to give you a sexy little cultural showdown, I am bringing you a blend of weird sex news from around the world. Enjoy!

Word Cup Players Banned From Sex

Apparently, World Cup rules extend off the field…and into the bedroom. Recent newsreports that some World Cup players are banned from having sex during the tournament. Despite how downright sexy most of the World Cup athletes are, many of them are ordered to abstain until after the event wraps. Players from Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile and Mexico can’t have sex at all during the games, while Spanish and Germans players can get down, but just not the night before an actual game. Sorry guys, no halftime hands for you. US players have no sexual restrictions at all, obviously. ‘Merica!

Bouncy Boobs Blow Up at MoSex

I always new I loved Manhattan’s Museum of Sex, but now I like it even more. The musuem recently rolled out a new exhibit: a blow-up bouncy boob cave, like those bouncy rooms of our youth. The exhibit is desighed by London-based duo Bompas & Parr, and is titled ‘funland: pleasures & perils of the erotic fairground.’ Erotic fairground indeed… Can we order one of these for my next birthday?

Man Arrested for Sexing a Pool Raft….Again.

Pool porn…

Recently, an Ohio man was arrested recently for copulating with a blow-up pool raft on the side of the road. The worst part is that this was apparently the man’s fourth time caught getting off with some sort of inflatable toy. I repeat, his fourth time caught, so you can only imagine what his bedroom looks like. (Perhaps he needs to get himself to the aforementioned MoSex exhibit?) To make matters worse, all of his offenses have been in public, and several times there were children present.

This Awful 5k Got Canceled, Thankfully…

Not exactly running attire…

A “sexy schoolgirl” 5k, scheduled to go down in Raleigh, N.C., was canceled recently, apparently due to a mix of community complaints coupled with a lack of participant sign-up. Former Raleigh police captain Paula O’Neal, who organizes many Raleigh races, told the Raleigh City Council she questions “the message that is being sent and endorsed by the City of Raleigh due to the increasing problem of rape and violence against girls in the schools and on college campuses.” While their was a lack of participant interest, I’m sure there would not have been a lack of spectators. Good call, O’Neal, and even better call for canceling, Raleigh… 

Mailman Breaks Into House, Calls Sex Hotline 

Recently, an English mailman used an elderly couple’s phone to call a sex hotline. The elderly couple was heading into their house after spending time gardening in their adjacent greenhouse, when they noticed their postman walking quickly down their driveway. Upon entering the home, they noticed their phone handset missing from its cradle. It was found outside, and when they hit redial, they were taken directly to a sex operator. Apparently the mailman had made a 3 minute phone call to a live sex line before realizing the couple was heading inside, where he abandoned his post. The postman was arrested and fired from his 15-year stint as local mailman. (Slow, disapproving head-shake…)

So tell me, what weird sex news you’ve stumbled upon lately?

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