Vegan Beauty Finds: Lotus Moon Battles Summer Skin Troubles

Ah, summer is finally here. The season of barbecues, beach days, and humidity-related skin issues. My skin always gets a bit wonky in the more humid months; sweat makes me more acne-prone, and although I try to hide my face from the sun like a vampire, the rays sometimes do find my face, which dries me out.

In order to battle this, I’ve restocked my arsenal of vegan beauty products, and several of my favorites hail from the Lotus Moon. My top picks? The Living Green Powder Masque and the Sulfur Moisturizer.


The Living Greens Powder Masque  contains sea kelp, several kinds of clay, and the allstar ingredient – matcha green tea. Matcha green tea (which I also drink, in powder form!) contains 18 amino acids, which stimulate new skin growth, hydrates and gives you that sun-kissed glow. I also like that you mix the mask yourself. I keep an empty shot glass by the sink, and twice a week I add a tablespoon of powder and a splash (just a drop!) of water. I mix and slather on my face for 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water for a fresh face, no sun kissing required.

I was a bit unsure about the Sulfur Clarifying Lotion when I first opened it, as it smells like, well, sulfur! However, if you can get past the scent, this moisturizer is perfect for acne-prone and problem skin, as sulfur draws out the toxins and bacteria leaving skin cleaner, and clearer.

What’s in your summer beauty basket? Sunscreen, I hope!


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