ZenMed Vegan Acne Treatments that Kick Acne Ass

I’ve written several times about my battle with hormonal acne, which began 4 years ago when  I went off the pill. Mostly I try and manage it with diet, which helps a great deal. However, when I do have a breakout, I turn to topicals to help kick acne ass. Recently I have been loving this line from ZenMed, a vegan skin care company that is pretty amazing. Below are my top picks:

Derma Cleanse Acne Gel. I put this stuff on before bed several nights a week to help treat and prevent breakouts. It has a 2 percent salicylic acid infusion that helps tidy everything up.

Refining Scrub. This high-quality exfoliator smells deliciously like peppermint and leaves my skin feeling fresh. It contains tea tree (hello, tingles), alpha hydroxy acids to nom away dead skin cells, jojoba beads for scrub-a-dubbing and eucalyptus for invigoration. I use this scrub twice a week, usually at night before I put on my serums.

Skin Eraser. This triple-acid blend works gradually to minimize imperfections, like old acne scars. I use it several times a week, but not when I have any open breakouts. It works well, although it has an interesting smell, sort of like soy sauce. Mmm, soy sauce…

Skin Correct +.This is more intense than the skin eraser, with 2 percent hydroquinone to lighten skin damage and heal scarring. It also contains licorice and glycolic acid. I use it twice a week at night to heal up old acne scars.

So, what do you use for skin care? Any luck with ZenMed?


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2 Responses to ZenMed Vegan Acne Treatments that Kick Acne Ass

  1. Shannon says:

    I’ve been using ZenMed’s rosacea products for 15 years. My skin cleared up almost immediately after starting them & am even told that I have beautiful skin. Love their products!

  2. Shannon says:

    I love ZenMed’s rosacea products & highly recommend them! I’ve been using them for years & the improvement of my skin was immediate. I’m even told that I have beautiful skin!

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