Brand New Vegan Beauty Products: Vegan Cuts Vegan Beauty Essentials Kit

I’m a bit behind schedule on this, but better late than never! I just wanted to take a minute to freak out about my Vegan Beauty Essentials Kit, chock full of high quality vegan beauty products. The kit arrived about 3 weeks ago, courtesy of Vegan Cuts. In case you’re a Vegan Cuts newb (I pity you!), the company sends out subscription boxes of cruelty-free goodies, from make-up to snacks. Mmmm, snacks.

On top of a generous handful of beauty products, the kit came with this adorable bag for your cosmetics, which I dig. Allow me to run down my top 5 fav products from the kit.

The Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating gel was so effing fantastic I ordered some when my sample was gone, and will probably be reviewing that all on its own another time. It’s extremely moisturizing, so much so that a tiny dab goes a long way, and my sample size from the beauty box lasted me nearly 2 weeks!

The Pacifica Coconut Kiss Creamy Lip Butter in Lava. Actually, I already had one of these from a previous Vegan Cuts order, but I was not sad about receiving another. The Lava shade is perfect with my skin tone, adding just a hint of deep color but not over-doing it Also, it tastes like candy. Speaking of things with a definitive taste…

The Molly Rose lip balm I enjoyed mainly for the novelty of having a pickles and ice cream lip balm. Say what? Yeah. It’s pretty unique, and smells—to me—like dill pickles.

Soap Box Black Body Scrub. I live right near a black sand beach, so I know all about black exfoliation. Instead of sand, this body scrub uses charcoal and sea salt, and my body was super slippery smooth after I used it.

Concrete Minerals Eyeshadow. This loose powder shadow is subtle and fun. I received the shade “smut” because, well, obviously. It’s a nice silvery purple and mellow enough for daytime wear.

What are your favorite cruelty-free and vegan beauty products?


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