Stuff I Get Off On: Vegan Cuts Beauty and Snack Boxes

photo 4I’m not really into moderation, so when it came time to order one of Vegan Cuts boxes, I took two – the beauty box, and the snack box.

You can see my excitement in opening the boxes here …

Vegan Cuts does a nice job of packaging up their boxes so you feel like you’re opening a present. A big, juicy, eco-friendly, delicious present that you sent to yourself. Or, if you’re in the spirit of giving—and you should be at this time of year—to someone else!

The beauty box contained 5 products—my favorite being the Pacifica lip butter coincidentally in the shade “Lava”–and the Medusa’s body shimmer which looks good over a beach tan.

From the snack box, I liked everything but was most excited over the Nutty Bean Co. cinnamon chickpeas (yes, cinnamon chickpeas), the chocolates from Sjaak’s and a Raw Revolution bar in my fav flav – chocolate coconut.

The products in the box were a nice mix of things I had seen on shelves (like Harvest Snaps) and things I had never heard of, like Michy’s Food pumpkin cookies.

There was a bit of an oopsie issue with this month’s box; the flavor of Harvest Snaps green pea snacks—black pepper—had a labeling misprint. Although no dairy ingredients were listed, at the bottom of the nutrition label a little dietary note reads “contains: milk.” Rut roh! But before my box had even arrived, Vegan Cuts sent out an email to all subscribers that it was a labeling misprint on behalf of Harvest Snaps, and we could still enjoy our green pea munchies, which are actually vegan. Phew. Crisis averted.

This is the first snack box service I have ever tried, but I’m a fan. Ya did good, Vegan Cuts. Next up, can you send me a box full of vegan shoes?

*This post was originally written for and published by iEatGrass.Com. Get over there!


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