Crowd Funding: When Your Dreams Are 50 Percent Funded

photo_2If you have been following along with my posts for the last few weeks, then what I am about to tell you may be old news. But if not, here is a bite sized crash course: I wrote a screenplay, and currently money is being raised via Kickstarter to turn it into a film! It is fully cast, and a production team is fully assembled. We are 50 percent funded, with 9 days left in out campaign!

The film, Courtesy Flush, is a character-driven dark comedy that focuses on love and sexuality and asks us to take a look at what we consider “normal” in our sex lives and our relationships, both platonic and romantic. The story follows a couple, James and Lexi, who have created an erotic fitness parody called F*ck Fitness that accidentally went viral. After spending a few years cashing in on their Internet fame, they move to Hawaii and befriend the polyamorous trio living next door. The group gets into some mischief on the island, and are forced to solve a mystery that will cause each of them to reexamine what they think they know about themselves, and each other.

In the screenplay, I also examine the concept of loneliness, and further investigate my obsession with “difficult” women. Also polyamory. I am infatuated with polyamory. One of our film’s awesome producers and I actually first came into contact several years ago when I wrote about polyamory on Sexy Tofu. Talk about full circle…

This is one of our Kickstarter rewards! Made by our costume designer out of Hawaiian shells.

This is one of our Kickstarter rewards! Made by our costume designer out of Hawaiian shells.

It’s been really fun, and now it’s on its way to being funded. If you like SexyTofu, then you will like Courtesy Flush. I promise. Triple promise. The movie is being directed by my boyfriend Phillips, who I write about on here all the time, because he is terrific and makes my insides flippity flop. He is extremely talented, and looks amazing naked, although you can only enjoy one of those assets. (I get to enjoy both. Win!)

Kickstarter is a bizarre beast. It’s hard to get your project funded, and it’s hard to predict where the money will come from. You might think that people are more excited to fund fledgling projects, but in actuality, they are more likely to fund projects that are already mostly funded. I suppose they seem more tangible. Oh irony, you bitch.

F*ck Fitness water bottle reward.

F*ck Fitness water bottle reward.

Take a look at our campaign here, watch the video of us talking about the project, look at our talented cast and crew, and read our rewards! You can get jewelry worn on set, a downloadable copy of F*ck Fitness, a DVD of the finished film, and way more. Please check it out and pass it forward!

Love love love love everywhere.


Oh, here are some videos of three of our actors talking about their characters!

Courtesy Flush Cast: Caitlin Holcombe from Phillips Payson on Vimeo.

Courtesy Flush Cast: Mikaal Bates from Phillips Payson on Vimeo.


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