Introducing “Fuck Fitness!”

You may already be tired of reading about the film I wrote, Courtesy Flush, and its Kickstarter campaign, but the campaign has 27 more days left so just sit tight. Thank you for all of your support!

I want to share with you the mock informercial that made the two main characters in the film, Lexi and James, an internet sensation. Cheesy and terribly done, Fuck Fitness went viral on YouTube and ignited the plot that simmers behind Courtesy Flush! Below is a snippet of Fuck Fitness, done for our Kickstarter promotion. It doesn’t feature our lead actors, but instead the adorable Kristin from Will Travel for Vegan Food and the talented Curtis Gillen of Pig Pen Theatre Co. If you like it, please click over to our Kickstarter page and watch our other videos. The amazing thing about crowd funding is watching everyone come together, each adding a small amount to create something larger. Already in the three days it has been live, it has been beyond humbling.

Love love love and gratitude everywhere! Okay, enjoy!

F*ck Fitness Infomercial from Phillips Payson on Vimeo.


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