So I Wrote a Screenplay: Courtesy Flush


Hi all. SexyTofu was conceived over three years ago, when I was giggling with a friend of mine over something sexy (okay, probably something raunchy) and he said “You should really start one of those blog things.”

I love blogging, and writing in general, but my real passion has always been in fiction. I am just not as interesting as the stories I make up in my head. And so I have been working feverishly to write a screenplay that now, with the help of YOU, is being turned into a film. A dark comedy, called “Courtesy Flush.”

I am not doing this alone obviously. I have never produced a movie. So I am teamed up with an amazing production team that includes a director, cinematographer, assistant director, production manager, and a repulsively talented (and attractive) cast. One of them is my bossman over at iEatGrass, Ayinde Howell. Don’t worry, I made him audition just like everybody else. No special treatment here!

The film is set in Hawaii, which is not only an integral part of the plot (The island is actually a character in the film) but one of the reasons we need to raise money. We have to get our cast on set!

The story is about a young couple, James and Lexi, who move to a small jungle town after they accidentally become a fitness sensation when their informercial parody, Fuck Fitness, goes viral on the Internet. What started as a joke ends up launching them into the spotlight. They end up skanking their new brand around for several years, making a few workout dvd series, shooting a pilot for a reality show that never gets picked up, and working Fuck Fitness from every angle.

When we meet them at the start of Courtesy Flush, they have very much outgrown Fuck Fitness, and are trying to escape their embarrassing image–along with a few other problems in their relationship.

They befriend their polyamorous neighbors, who I lovingly dubbed “the throuple,” and a mysterious recluse who lives behind them (whaddup, Ayinde!). Murder, madness, and hallucinations ensue as the group embarks upon a mystery that ends up defining the virtues of each character. Dun dun dun!

Please, if you like what you read on SexyTofu, then you will love the story behind Courtesy Flush. It explores and redefines what we view as “normal,” takes a look at love and sexuality from all angles, and there is a murder!

Please switch on over to my Kickstarter to show your support. Even if you don’t plan on donating, watch the video of me talking about the project! And, there is a hilarious Fuck Fitness infomercial parody featuring me in compromising positions. And more importantly, our lovely fitness model Kristin Lajeunesse from Will travel for Vegan Food! 

Thanks for reading the past three (!!!!!) years. SO much love from me to you, every day.

Love and snuggles and all that good shit,


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2 Responses to So I Wrote a Screenplay: Courtesy Flush

  1. I’m so excited for you (and the movie, of course)! Talk about following your dreams… You’re a real inspiration here.

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