Stuff I Get Off On: Gorilla Perfume and Solid Conditioner

securedownload-5I have been digging this Gorilla Perfume by Lush in Flower’s Barrow. It’s a really unique scent, and not as sweet as I usually go. It’s actually quite savory, with sage and thyme. It also has floral scents (geranium and rose) but it mainly smells earthy… musky – in a good way.

When I first got it in the bottle and sniffed it, I was a bit overwhelmed with how musky it was.But like most concentrated scents, after dabbing a wee bit on my wrists, the scent mellowed out, meshed with the oils in my skin, and became super pleasant. It’s lovely,  and Lush says that all of their perfume oils are ethically sourced, so that’s good. A million thumbs up. All of the thumbs.

I have also been into Lush’s  Big Solid Conditioner bar. This bar I smade with sea salt and coconut oil and makes my hair very soft and sweet smelling- like vanilla and jasmine. I also like that it ditches the bottle, so my products can be as nude as I am while using them. Weee, naked.

Those are the latest Lush products I have been crushing on. I know I crush on them a lot, but that’s because every time I go into that store or pop over to their website I lose all self control. It’s a habit I can’t break, and it’s actually becoming a problem because I am gearing up to move and trying to get RID of things, not hoard them. Aye!


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