“Vegans Fuck All Night Long,” Oh and I’m Making a Movie

My boyfriend’s (vegan) brother sent this my way, and I thought I would share it with you. ALSO maybe my very omnivorous boyfriend should rough up his brother for suggesting “a carni cock just won’t do.”

This video is way crazy/vulgar/maybe amazing/maybe awful? What I like about it is that the dude, someone reppin DoucheChillz.com, is being up in your face with his message. No beating around the (vegan) bush here. Thoughts? Does stuff like this make veganism look better or worse? Does it matter how you get people to go vegan as long as they do it?

Also, I am sorry again for being so MIA. There is a reason, and the reason is that I have been working on a huge creative project: I have been writing a screenplay! And that screen play is being turned into a movie. Well, it’s being turned into a movie with your help! Along with an extremely talented group of directors, producers, cinematographers, cast and crew, we are launching a Kickstarter campaign this week.

If you like coming to SexyTofu, then you will dig the movie we’re making,  with a script by yours truly. It’s a dark comedy called “Courtesy Flush,” which takes place in Hawaii. It’s a story of love, murder, and madness, and full of the fun, sexy, bizarre stuff you find here on ST. SO…keep an eye out for my Kickstarter campaign, which I will be pushing all up in your face once it has launched. So forgive me.

Oh, and you can also read what I have been up to on xoJane.com! 


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