Cookies and Jam! Vegan Bake Sale at Gristle Tattoo

cookies & jamHey friends! So in case you didn’t know, April 20-28 is the official week of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. This fun, yummy global event raises money for a variety of causes, by simply selling sweets! Because, you know, everyone loves cake.

You can find bake sales all over the place on the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale site, but if you’re in New York City, then you should seriously consider heading to Gristle Tattoo in Williamsburg on April 20 for the “Cookies and Jam” bake sale and live concert.

Why? Because I will be there! Along with my friend, the amazing vegan baker, blogger and author Hannah Kaminsky, and a slew of talented Gristle employees and friends, we will be selling treats to raise money for Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition, aka BARC. But not only that! There will also be a live concert at 7 pm featuring Lindsay Ellyn & Friends, and 100 percent of any tattoo deposit made that day will go to BARC.

In case you don’t remember, Gristle is this amazing vegan tattoo shop that doubles as an art space. Read my review of it here.

I am making peanut butter cups because I didn’t eat ANY for easter, and Hannah is making these amazing root beer float cupcakes. She made them years ago for a catering event we worked together, and I have been begging for a repeat ever since. They are so unique and delicious…just like her! D’awww…

So come visit us, get some ink or a cupcake or both, listen to some music, hang out, support puppies! And kitties! All of my favorite things.

Gristle Tattoo, 178 North Street, Brooklyn, from noon to 9 or any time in between!



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3 Responses to Cookies and Jam! Vegan Bake Sale at Gristle Tattoo

  1. You are pure sweetness, my dear! Thank you so much for getting me involved and making this all possible.

  2. FoodFeud says:

    How awesome! Luckily I am in need of a new tattoo anyway AND love baked goods. Thanks for the heads up.

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