Stuff I Get Off On: Nicobella Organics Chocolate Munch

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Omega Munch!

Now that the official holiday of lovechocolate is over, maybe many of you are feeling ill from ransacking the 75 percent off candy sale at Duane Reade. No shame! I know it’s a good day if I’m eating chocolate before noon. I love a good, plain, bitter dark chocolate bar—90 percent cacao is my favorite. But I shook it up recently and tried a couple of bags of Nicobella Organics Munch.

Nicobella—fair trade and organic! Aw yeah!–is better known for their truffles, but I am pretty into their chocolate and nut mixes, aka Munch, because they give me a solid dose of protein, so I can eat an entire bag without feeling like I lost all of my self control. Bonus: they are relatively low in calories, as far as sweets go. They DO have a good amount of fat though. But fat is good. Let’s all embrace fat.

My favorite flavor is the Coco-nut, followed in close second by the Omega and then the Maple-nut. I would love for Nicobella to come out with a really dark flavor…maybe cacao coffee? Mocha? Hmmm?

Delicious and unique, I can happily pronounce every ingredient on the Nicobella label. I give them 4 out of 5 stars. They can have 5 stars when they make a super dark Munch!

Coco-nut Munch for the win!


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One Response to Stuff I Get Off On: Nicobella Organics Chocolate Munch

  1. NICK says:

    I want this. But is it $1100? Where did Nibmor go? GIMME.

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