Died and Gone to Hawaii–A Photo Diary

P1060377Sorry I have been MIA! I have been visiting my family in Hawaii and neglecting this here blog. (Excuses for neglecting blog pre-trip include lots of work, breaking up and unbreaking up and rebreaking up with man friend, lots of freelance work, packing…uhm..eating?)

On the trip, I did tons of eating (no cooking…sorry ma!), hiking, swimming, and camping. It was a very active vacation, which I like, because it makes me feel less guilty about all of the coconut cream I ate. On the trip, I explored a 35 foot cave with an 8 foot lava-rock vagina inside (more on this to come in a later post…), went kayaking, and lazed about. Speaking of lazy, instead of an entire post, here are some photos I took on the trip…

Now, if you follow me on Instagram, then you probably have seen some of these before. If you don’t follow me, and you’re on Instagram, then find me @Zoahu, which is my name + the Hawaiian island, Oahu, for anyone wondering…I know you were wondering.


Grilled lotus root with wasabi mayo from Yuzu in Honolulu


Acai mousse from Yuzu!


Wild turkeys like to sit outside my front door impressing me with their plumage…




Oh, just a treehouse. No biggie.


Rambutan, my spirit fruit!


Mom made (mango lilikoi) pancakes! With homemade coconut cream, bananas and papaya. In me!


Good morning, mountain!






So! Cute!


Just one more…


I has Sriracha?


Jungle gymin


These shoes are designed for traversing lava…look at the camel toes!


Close up on camel toes.


Raw cacao! Doesn’t the inside look like an organ? Or an alien? Fetus?


Fetal alien organ…


I picked up this hitch-hiker and offered him sex for these bananas. (I brought my man friend on this trip with me)


Haas avocados are 9 percent fat…Hawaiian avocados are 24 percent fat. This is why they are so delicious.


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5 Responses to Died and Gone to Hawaii–A Photo Diary

  1. Frivolous Monsters says:

    I thought your turkeys were mushrooms.

  2. NICK says:

    What’s the reasoning for such a difference in the avocado fat content?? I don’t know why that is what I’m most interested in. Also, shit those pancakes look good – well done, Mom! I miss Hawaii.

  3. Okay my dear, I’ve been avoiding this post because I knew it would make me horribly jealous all over again… And yep, it was an accurate prediction. So, skirting past all that, I’m so glad you went to Yuzu! And seriously, those tiny green geckos are all over the Big Island, huh? I actually saw two in just two days there.

    • SexyTofu says:

      Yes. Thank you for the Yuzu recommendation! The geckos are all over my mom’s place. When you eat fruit on the deck they all start crowding the table hoping to get all up in the juices! It’s very cute. But I am always terrified of stepping on one.

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