Stuff I Get Off On: Aubrey Organics Herbal Mask

Check out the long name on this clay mask: Aubrey Organics Natural Herbal Seaclay with Goa Herb Oil Balancing Mask.  SEA clay! Fancy. I stumbled on this mask while trolling about Whole Foods with no real purpose, an activity that in itself is extremely dangerous. One moment you’re lingering in the produce section, and the next you have a cart full of daikon and an over-priced chia seed pudding mix—neither of which you have any idea what to do with.

I did, however, want a new face mask. My skin has been all sorts of wonky lately, do to stress and the fact that I ran out of my healthy skin supplements and waited three stupid weeks before I ordered any more, because I am sort of lazy sometimes. Also, clay face masks are a fun way to feel like I am pampering myself when I am actually just sipping tea with dirt smeared on my body. I literally bought 12 dollars worth of herbal infused dirt.

However, I really dig this mask. It’s the first mask I have ever purchased that actually contains oil. I usually shy away from products containing oil, because my skin is oily enough as it is. But this product promised to “balance” my oily skin, so I put some faith into it. It also contains papaya extract and goa herb, which I had to research because I had never heard of it before. Goa is apparently used to treat skin ailments, like cystic acne and eczema, but the Internet warned me that it “is severely irritating” to the skin. Hmm.. Make up your mind, goa!!

Despite Internet forewarnings, the mask does NOT irritate my skin. It tingles a bit when I first put it on, providing that menthol-cool effect that makes my brain think a product is working. Unlike the salicylic acid masks I often buy, this one is so gentle that I have been able to use it every day, and over the past 8 or 9 days, I have seen a difference in my skin—fewer breakouts and less overall angry redness. (I am also back on my skin regiment, though. So I can’t totally attribute my healthier skin to the mask.)

I will note that the mask is much thinner than your typical clay mask, and because it contains oil, you have to shake it first to avoid separation. Instead of a thick grey schmear, this mask is thin and instead of becoming dry and cakey, it remains semi sticky no matter how long you leave it on. It is so thin that you can barely tell I am wearing a face mask…it sort of looks like I am just incredibly pallid and sweaty. Hot, right?

Face mask? Or post-sex sweat?

Face mask? Or post-sex sweat?

I was wearing it the other evening and my room-mate came home, and as we got into a conversation about our day, I could see her glancing curiously at my face. If this were your typical face mask, she would have been able to tell immediately what was going on. Instead it looked like I was sweating some sort of milky, viscid substance. Eventually I had to point out, “I’m trying this new face mask.”

Aesthetics aside, if you have oily skin, I would say this mask is a go. Plus, as far as face masks go, it’s pretty inexpensive. Everyone wins.


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