Jason Wrobel Premier a Hit: How to Live to 100

I wrote this for iEatGrass.com and am reposting here to spread all of the vegany love! If you don’t read iEatGrass, you should, because it’s fucking amazing.

History was made last night! Vegans, health freaks and foodies alike gathered around the TV to watch the first ever all vegan cooking show to make it to mainstream television—How to Live to 100 featuring celeb raw vegan chef Jason Wrobel.

Food Network aired the show on the Cooking Channel at 8 pm EST. The series focuses on incorporating super foods into your diet. I personally am stoked about the show because it is marketing itself not to vegans (you can already be assured we’re watching) but to omnivores. It portrays veganism in a way that doesn’t get much airtime—by focusing on what you CAN eat, instead of what you can’t. Instead of being aggressive or off putting with an intimidating super vegany title like “Be Vegan to Live Longer, You Idiot,” (which I think was the working title) the show draws in those omni-eyeballs with the simple promise of superior health. Because who doesn’t want to live until they’re old and looney?

This mindset is how I suggest those new to veganism approach the lifestyle: focus on all the amazing, nutrient rich foods that you should be adding to your diet, and you won’t miss the animal products. Well, you won’t miss them as much—I know the switch can be hard at first.

I think the first show was a success. Wrobel was captivating, energetic, and way quirky. He was basically VERY EXCITED the WHOLE SHOW. And why wouldn’t he be? Vegan dudes in general just tend to get me all excited since I never meet them in real life. Side note: Check out Wrobel’s super smoking siggo, Whitney Lauritsen, aka Eco Vegan Girl. Actually I couldn’t find it confirmed anywhere that they are partners but I follow both of them on Instagram and they’re inseparable. So either they’re in love or just like taking adorable pics together morning noon and night, all day, er’ day…hm. Can you two make some vegan babies already? Plant-based power couple!

Eye candy aside, dayuummm did Wrobel’s recipes look delish. And you can find all of them here, on the Cooking Channel website. Cilantro lime pesto pasta? Chocolate avocado pudding? Zucchini-pumpkin seed fritters? Yes, Yes and Yes!

Thanks J-Wro! I am already excited for next Sunday night. Who else watched? What did you think? Did you miss it? Get a little taste here.


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3 Responses to Jason Wrobel Premier a Hit: How to Live to 100

  1. Terri says:

    I’m so bummed I missed this and I tried to look when it’s on again and don’t see it. Will you let people know ahead of time if and when he is on again. I really would love to see if and it’s about time the Cooking Channel has someone like him. Thanks

  2. ok…i am a technophobe…is there a way you can watch this via internet?
    love your blog,
    keep it up! er…going, whatever,
    jungle jain

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