Stay Classy, PETA: Skanky Music Video Full of Carrot Dicks

I prefer their Austin Armacost Campaign…

Well, PETA has completely outdone itself. The animal rights organization has long been known to use sex to sell veganism, using porn stars in their ad campaigns, launching their own “porn” site, and having sexy activists in bikinis hit the streets in the name of animal cruelty. Last V-day, they made a big sexy deal about the benefits of going vegan with their campaign BWVAKTBOOM, meaning “boyfriend went vegan and knocked the bottom out of me.” The campaign—which some grumbled was a bit too violent—claimed that if your man goes vegan, you better wear a helmet and goggles because his baby batter will be so spunky it may damage your corneas. No really. Brace yourself.

But now, in honor of world vegan month, they have unleashed this video featuring men of all ages gyrating to a techno beat hung with giant phallic vegetables. They even create pubes out of fresh herbs and greens, and place a giant eggplant shlong on the David. I love a naked man, but I have never been attracted to anyone flapping around their junk to a beat a la LMFAO, regardless if it’s their actual junk or an over-sized zucchini. The video is titled “Stay Firm and Fresh,” and is emblazoned with the message : Increase your sexual stamina. Go vegan.

I think the video is funny, if not a bit disturbing. As we all know, sex sells, but I am not sure if men wearing purple sweats and a cucumber cock really portrays a man with an abundance of sexual stamina. It sort of reminds me of something an 11 year old boy might do if he was left alone with a video camera and his mother’s weekly CSA share. Hey….hey you guys…I made balls out of these sweet potatoes. Hey…hey guys. This eggplant looks like a dick! Look at my O face.

Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think. I think it’s great they are trying to make vegan guys seem more masculine, but I am not sure how effective these ads are. Entertaining, sure. But guys, would this make you go vegan? Also, it’s even funnier if you watch it on mute!


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One Response to Stay Classy, PETA: Skanky Music Video Full of Carrot Dicks

  1. This is very disturbing. It actually makes me NOT want to put vegetables in my mouth. I am scared now.

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