Stiff Drinks: Masturbation Bar Opens in Japan

Image from Love Joule’s Facebook page

Oh Japan! They are ahead of us in so many ways…their unemployment rate is half of ours…their life expectancy is longer…they are even ahead of us by hours—13 of them! And also, they now have masturbation bars. Okay, well they now have one masturbation bar. And this swanky booze infused wankfest is for ladies.

The bar, located in Tokyo, is called Love Joule, and it is actually a “love and sex bar,” with vibrator-themed décor that openly encourages its female patrons to discuss masturbation with their girlfriends while getting rightly sauced. Men are allowed only if accompanied by a lady.

The bar proprietor, Megumi Nakagawa, told Tokyo Reporter “Since most people view female masturbation as something of a mystery or taboo, it is not a usual topic at typical bars.”

“Once they take a seat, customers are able to experience a pleasant place in which they can openly discuss masturbation.”

Display vibes

Calling it a masturbation bar may be a bit extreme; it seems more dedicated to creating a female friendly atmosphere where women can go to talk without having to fight off men trying to pick them up. The vibe theme is most likely a gimmick to raise hype and get people in the doors to see what the place is all about.

I clearly like to talk about sex, but even I can’t imagine sitting around with my friends at a bar talking solely about masturbation for more than a handful of minutes. I mean, my Hitachi only has two speed settings, and I am pretty sure one of them leads to spontaneous combustion. But a place to talk sex and love and dating like the knitting circles of yore, if yore included battery operated pleasure bots and rounds of tequila? Sure thing! I am sure some women will be discussing orgasm intensity and pubic hair designs, but there will most likely be lots of banter about work, venting about spouses, gossip about friends, and typical talk about politics, art, fashion, music, film, etc.

Apparently the bar is getting lots of attention from the commercial sex industry, and it doesn’t take a raging imagination to see why.
This reminds me of Trojan’s vibrator hotdog carts, just a few months back, putting women’s pleasure out on the streets of New York, where you’d normally be bombarded with images of tits and ass, but never straight-up sex toys.

I like society “normalizing” female sexuality, and encouraging women to be open not only to masturbation, but to talking about it in PUBLIC. Even if it takes a few shots to get them there. The world would be better if everyone masturbated. Period.

I do worry that perhaps the bar will end up fetishizing female masturbation, instead of normalizing it, (look at the babes with dildos, below), but you can’t always keep your kiddies in kneepads. And of course I think it’s a bit sad that encouraging female sexuality is so far from normal that we have to have a themed bar just to show that we’re open to it…but that’s another rant for another day.


What I really like, aside from the dildo decorations, is the idea of a bar where men aren’t trolling. I’m sorry if “trolling” offends any men out there, but sometimes, some of you can be awfully aggressive.

Yes, many women go out to meet men. But those who aren’t out to get picked up, well you always hear us whining about how we just came to dance with our friends. And dudes end up wasting time and money buying drinks for women who will just tell them they have to use the bathroom and then never come back. Now, Tokyo women who truly are just looking to get out and catch up with girlfriends can go some place where men aren’t allowed to interrupt them.

I also like to wonder how many people try to steal the sex toys off the walls. Because the bar is for openly discussing masturbation (amongst other things), not openly masturbating…right? RIGHT?


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3 Responses to Stiff Drinks: Masturbation Bar Opens in Japan

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  2. Tracy says:

    Is it bad that when I saw the last picture I thought the girl on the right was using a wine bottle as her sex toy?

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