Penis Snake Found in the Amazon?

Where have I Been?

All photos by biologist Julian Tupan

Not sure how I missed this, but last year a “penis snake” was discovered in the Amazon. I love snakes, and so I can only be delighted at this phallic serpent, redefining that lovely British slang for dick, “trouser snake.”

Technically, this fleshy wriggler isn’t really a snake (womp womp) but an amphibian with skin rims similar to an earthworm, and this particular specimen, along with 5 others, was discovered in Brazil last November. Others exist in museums, but none have been stumbled upon living. The creature sort of resembles a blind, hairless rat. If rats were dick-shaped. It has no lungs but is aquatic and actually breathes through its skin, so the creatures more closely resemble frogs than snakes in genetic makeup.

Office friendly? You tell me!

The species has been identified as Atretochoana eiseltiî, but I’d rather call it manaconda, despite the fact that the specimens found Amazon were ironically all female.


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3 Responses to Penis Snake Found in the Amazon?

  1. I really do think I’m scarred for life. Oh, if only I could un-see this…

  2. Where DO you find these things, darling????

  3. Wow, who knew such a creature existed?

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