Conscious Contraceptives: Win A Year’s Worth of Condoms

And then use them to pepper your floral arrangements!

Remember back when I wrote about coming for a cause with Sir Richards? Well I recently had the chance to interview Cory Capoccia, founder of Conscious Contraceptives, another socially conscious rubber retailer—spread those condoms, people! Conscious Contraceptives is also known as Con Con…cute, right? Reminds me of a toddler…I’ve been on a baby-sniffing stint lately. They smell so good!

Anyway, creeper status aside, the organization implements the same one-for-one charity model as TOMS Shoes. Read the following interview, and learn about their grassroots campaign, and their vegan selection! Also, get some info on how you can win a shit ton of condoms! A whole year’s worth! Stock your entire dresser with rubbers and scare away all of your dates with the expansiveness of your condom collection.

How do you find the communities you donate your to?

The communities we support are identified through our partner charities. Currently, our partner charity, Support for International Change (SIC), works in rural Tanzania to provide a comprehensive set of HIV-related services. As continues to grow, our support will enable SIC to expand into other countries within Africa.

Tell me a bit about the worldwide sex education you’re helping to fund…

Our mission is to increase access to contraceptives and sexual education domestically and abroad. Since our launch on December 1st, 2011, we have dedicated most of 2012 to connecting with college students to promote safer sex domestically. Over the past few months, we have been traveling to college campuses across the United States to engage with the students in a number of different ways. On some campuses we have handed out free condoms to the students while at other schools we have hosted presentations for various student groups and organizations. Regardless of which type of interaction we are having, this grassroots campaign is focused on promoting safer sex from both a physical and emotional perspective by ensuring the students are taking the necessary measures to protect themselves during any sexual encounter— is a resource available to students 24/7 to conveniently and discreetly access the products they need to ensure that they are always prepared.

Through our partnership with Support for International Change (, we are on the ground abroad helping to advance global sexual health and education via awareness campaigns, mobile voluntary counseling and, and training of peer educators. In addition to donating male and female condoms to the communities we serve, we are focused heavily on training community leaders with the goal of empowering them to autonomously educate and assist those people from their villages.

Do you carry any vegan brands or cruelty free products? If not, you should consider it! We’re a conscious group of peeps.

We carry over 1,300 items spanning different manufacturers and we do have a few products by manufacturers such as Hydra, Encounter and Sliquid which are certified as vegan by the manufacturer!

I love that you’re touring college campuses! College students are the ideal demographic to target, although high school tours would be awesome too. Can you tell me what you hope the tour will do as far as raising awareness?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a statement that “STIs are one of the most critical health challenges facing the nation today,” with an estimated 19 million new infections every year in the United States. Our experiences while meeting with students during our college campus tour have often left us feeling that a huge educational gap still exists around the dangers of engaging in unprotected sex in an environment where casual sex is common place. The CDC’s report validates that the lack of knowledge/responsibility disclosing that while “young people represent 25 percent of the sexually experienced population in the United States,” they account for a disproportionate share of new STIs, representing nearly 50 percent of all new cases.

We also hope to remove the stigma that surrounds condoms. Safe sex should be pleasurable for all involved!

Agreed! What campuses are you hitting?

Most universities are out of school until August to September, so we are on a break for the tour currently, but when we return, we plan on making our way around the Eastern schools from Harvard down to the University of Florida.

How cool is Cory?!

Okay okay, the contest! Con Con is hosting a nationwide contest in support of National Gay Pride this month, and you have a few more days to participate! Visit,” Like the page, and submit a wall post starting off with the phrase, “I use contraceptives with PRIDE because…” The comment with the most likes and replies during the month-long celebration wins 365 condoms of any brand carried on

Okay here is my submission: I use contraceptives with PRIDE because I like sniffing babies, not birthing them. Okay, off to post a Craigslist ad… “Can I borrow your baby for a few hours?”


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4 Responses to Conscious Contraceptives: Win A Year’s Worth of Condoms

  1. asianbadass says:

    Now that’s a cause you can get behind! It’s funny…I remember a friend of mine googled my last name and it turns out that my name has a very famous Japanese brand condom associated with it. I bought a sampler pack online and now give them out as party favors, and claim that it’s all to support the family business.

  2. FoodFeud says:

    I just wanted to say, I only found yr blog today and am loving going through it! You do a fantastic, informative, and entertaining job of presenting healthy loving and living. Serious, serious kudos! So refreshing.

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