More Reasons I’m Not An Adult: I Love My Lunch Box!

Isn’t she cute?

I tried (unsuccessfully) to do my taxes this year without the assistance of an accountant or my father. I don’t own a watch or an umbrella. I can’t put gas in my car until I have driven AT LEAST 10 -15 miles with my gas light on. I don’t know how to change my oil, a tire, or the filter in my air conditioning unit. My bedroom windows do not have curtains. I only own one pair of sheets, so I have to wash them strategically. Need more proof I am not yet an adult? I am obsessed with my lunch box.

It may not have a cartoon character on it, but the fact that I bring this box to  school work most days and am EXCITED to see it sitting on my desk further highlights my inner child, I think. Even though I pretend it is a “grown-up” lunch box. Just like I am in a “grown-up” relationship, even though my favorite coupley thing to do is lay on a bare mattress in my boyfriend’s living room and watch Labyrinth, fried out of my mind…which is basically what I was doing in high school, too.

The Goblin King approves of my lunch box!

Now this grown-up lunch box is technically called a Tiffin box, and is a traditional stacking indian lunch box, where I can layer yummy goods in and they won’t touch one another! Woo!

Here I have yummy raw avocado kale salad stacked under thai sweet potato curry.



Now I just put it on my desk and wait for someone to pop in with a camera and say “You’ve been Punk’d! You don’t really have a real job! This was all one big joke. Now move back in with your parents and continue doing childish things, like glomming on their grocery bill and dreading the day you have to do adult things, like pay off a mortgage, marry someone and get impregnated (not specifically in that order).

Now tell me! Do you have a lunch box!?! List the reasons why you aren’t yet an adult!


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6 Responses to More Reasons I’m Not An Adult: I Love My Lunch Box!

  1. NICK says:


    • SexyTofu says:

      Ugh my ex’s uncle gave him a vintage Labyrinth poster to give to me after he heard about my love…unfortunately we broke up before my ex could give it to me….perhaps my largest regret.

  2. I am currently not working, but if I had a lunch box, I would want this one. I shuffle my Husband off to work with his lunch packed in a plastic bag from his company haha

  3. becca3416 says:

    I definitely have a lunch box. Well it is more of a bag. My best friend gave it to me when i graduated college and it is adorable. I still have an afternoon snack when I get home from school… err work.

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