Stuff We Get Off On: The Tenga Egg

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A dude friend of mine brought up the fact that if a guy stumbles upon a sex toy in a girls room, he might think it’s kind of hot. If not, he probably wont be turned OFF by it. However, my friend thought if a girl found a toy in his room, she might think him a creep. Because really, there aren’t too many male centered toys, aside from the infamous Flesh Light.

So when I got a few of these Tenga Eggs to review, I was thrilled because, look! A dude toy! So I passed them around. These “egg beaters” (teheheh) are generally used as a masturbation aid. Inside the egg is a sleeve, sort of resembling a condom, that you lube up and go to town on.

It’s a one-time only thing, which Reviewer 1 didn’t know before hand, so he was generally disappointed when, after he was done, the sleeve was all stretched out of shape and impossible to clean and/or put back in its case.

Reviewer 2 knew it was disposable, because I warned him, and he found it to be a nice vacation from normal masturbation…aside from the fact that, you know, you’re fucking a latex sleeve.

I snagged this off the Internet to better demonstrate…I already cracked all my eggs 😉

The Tenga Eggs can also be used as a texturizer for your Hitachi,ladies—just slip it on over the head for a nice, smooth feel. Don’t own a Hitachi? Shame on you, your neglected clitoris would like a word with you.

So, have you used a Tenga Egg? Thoughts on male friendly toys?


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2 Responses to Stuff We Get Off On: The Tenga Egg

  1. michaelgknox says:

    I haven’t used it before. Where can I pick up a dozen?

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