Guest Post: Embrace Your Sexuality and Do These Don’ts

Rihanna may be controversial, but you can’t argue the fact that she embraces (and flaunts) her sexuality

By Sarah Mastroni

I have been a self-proclaimed wild child since the 7th grade when I first started looking at boys like that. I found myself open to the weird, wild and wonderful at a relatively young age. I credit my unrelenting urge for thrills to that, and the freedom I was granted by a household which had little rules to keep my eyes shut to the world as a maturing young lady.

But I knew my limits. I knew not to do any hard drugs or elope a day after I turned 18 years-old with the hunky 25 year-old I met at the mall. I guess this understanding came to me- with the help of meeting lots of different people. I went out with my friends, drank beer underage and got into a little trouble, but only enough to make me who I am today.

Here I am!

My name is Sarah Mastroni and I am a blogger over at Z is one of my dearest friends and I admire her passion for writing, but most notably, I love how bravely she takes on the topic of sex.

Sex is not easy to talk about. So many people get bent out of shape about it. I learned along the way that sex is wonderful. The nature of this topic in general is beautiful, whether you are getting all types of freaky-deaky on your lover or making passionate love, sex is the amazing ability to forget the crap that the world deals to us and enjoy raw ecstasy.

Z may be more used to the topic of sexuality, but I am going to try my hand at this sex-chatter with a brief list of…

“Things People Look Down on You For But Are So Totally Okay to Do.”

Me, Z, and our friend Sean at a novelty store before hurricane Irene


Visit Adult Only stores frequently

Frequently as in at least once every one or two months. You do not have to run inside with fear that your mother or boss is driving down that road the exact minute you exit your car. I love to look at the toys, the covers of the latest “What’s Hot” in porn videos, the sexy lingerie and the hilarious gag gifts. Bring a friend and have a good time. Buy a vibrator, ladies. It will be the best thing you bought yourself since that Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra at 50 percent off.

Talk about sex

My blog does not particularly focus on sex and relationships but just the other day, I got sucked into an article regarding escorts and my reading went rampant. I sat in front of my computer looking at all types of fetishes, erotic photography and discussion boards regarding the crazy sex world I knew little about. You can talk about sex, explore it on the internet and ask questions. The more you know the better. This does not make you a pervert.

Go to gay clubs

Okay, so going to gay clubs is not a “don’t” in the first place, but if you’re straight, it IS exploring a different side of sexuality. With all the nonsense surrounding their rights in this country, I cannot help but want to embrace gays even more. I have a very good amount of friends that prefer loving the same sex, so friggin’ what? Get your best outfit on and get your booty to the nearest gay club. I will tell you this, they know how to party! Girls, you do not have to worry about a guy trying to get you to “da crib.” Disclaimer: gays bump and grind, too, but it is both sexy and innocent. Would your life end if you tried a gay club out? Open your mind!

Stop worrying about the number of people you sleep with

Lose track. It will be the best for your mental health. If you are one of those people who keeps a log of your shack-ups, listen here! It is one thing to keep record just out of curiosity- maybe even laughs- and another to be paranoid at that list growing. Chances are you are a mature and responsible adult who is entitled to sex on a whim. There is no life quota for sexual partners. Which leads me to

One night stands are not the end of the world.

God forbid your classmate or neighbor adds you on Facebook which leads to a three-hour long text-binges that eventually leads to a steamy, one-night stand at their place. Then, he or she does not text you again, but you are surprisingly okay with that. You always thought each other were hot and the sex was good. Did the two of you pick a wedding venue before the clothes came off? No? Then try not to sweat it. This does not make you a slut.

So, do you have any “do these don’ts” to add to my list?


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4 Responses to Guest Post: Embrace Your Sexuality and Do These Don’ts

  1. This excellent advice, and I’ve never heard anyone mention going to gay clubs before.

  2. Nick Chavez says:

    I agree totally. And I don’t like the word “slut” or having a “reputation” for being easy or whatever. Who cares. We’re all adults. Men can have sex with as many women as they want, and we get congratulated for it. I think it should be the same for women, and I respect those who are confident/enlightened enough to not care about these ridiculously unfair words and, instead, live in the moment and enjoy their life. We only have so much time on this rock, and youth is even shorter, so we should enjoy the beauty of existence while we can!

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