Celebrate Friday with Things That Don’t Suck

Celebrate Friday with Things That Don’t Suck

I’m a pretty positive person, but this week was particularly hellish. To keep our spirits up, and anticipate all the great things we have to look forward to, my friend C and I exchanged a series of emails of Things That Don’t Suck. Here are some things we came up with. Feel free to add some more in the comments section! And happy Friday!

  1. Tough Mudder
  2. Virginia Roadtrip, Part 4: The Passion of the Gaga
  3. Screaming as loud as you can
  4. Bonnaroo
  5. Summer is coming, and my car roof is staying off
  6. Tequila tastes better in the sun
  7. Zucchini the cat
  8. Planning big life moves
  9. Dogs hanging out of car windows
  10. Manparts
  11. Toes in grass
  12. Toes in sand
  13. Toes anywhere but shoved in uncomfy work shoes
  14. A too-much-sun-and-booze induced coma
  15. More tattoos
  16. CAKE the band…but also CAKE the pastry…
  17. Making cookies and eating dough while they bake #instant gratification
  18. Snuggling
  19. Puppy breath in my face
  20. Planning vacations
  21. Tax return money
  22. Whiskey tea
  23. A big blue sky
  24. Silly voicemails
  25. Spending a grossly irresponsible amount of money on live music
  26. Laughing until liquids come out of your nose
  27. Staying up to see the sunrise
  28. My favorite fire escape in Brooklyn
  29. A full belly
  30. A sweat inducing dance party
  31. A cup of coffee on a lazy sunday
  32. A rainy day and a book
  33. Cookie dough by the pint OMNOMNOM
  34. A post-run high
  35. Hiking Mt Washington!!
  36. Daydreams
  37. Real dreams
  38. The smell of library books
  39. Shenanigans
  40. Love, which is lovely

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Good food. Good sex. Good fun.
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10 Responses to Celebrate Friday with Things That Don’t Suck

  1. what??? no more tatoos….you promised!

  2. mary says:

    having sex without getting caught outside

  3. Haha #10, love this “things that don’t suck” idea!

  4. 26 and 30. yes and yes. you girls are funny 🙂

  5. Things that don’t suck: having a great friend in my life who I can talk to about anything. That would be you!

    Also, a big blue sky over the Bonnaroo festival grounds is something to truly look forward to.

  6. you’ve been tagged! It’s an excellent way to get to know people, go to http://wp.me/s150Ps-tag and see which you’ve been asked. And keep the game going, have a great day!

  7. NICK says:

    Give. Non-dairy. Cookie dough. Recommendation. NOW.
    You should add FIREFLY FESTIVAL to the list yeeeeeeeeah.
    And FIONA APPLE. yeeeeeeeah.

    • SexyTofu says:

      I’ll do better than give. I will bring you a half eaten tub tomorrow….because I have like seven pints in my freezer that were sent to me for sampling…I have been taking a spoon to them on the reg.

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