Sometimes I Get Sexy On The Radio

Me and Amie at FTNS radio!

Back in February I was on FTNS radio, the world’s first ever fitness radio, on my friend Amie Hall’s show, The Green Gate. Amie and I go way back; she is actually a friend of my mother, so she knew me when I was toddling around pant-less, filthy and grinning. Actually…I am still doing that…but you smell what I’m stepping in. Amie is also a holistic health coach, just like moi, and we both went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

On this particular show, we were talking about “Lifting Your Libido” for Valentine’s day, going over some foods and activities you can do. I share a recipe for raw chocolate avocado pudding, and we just have a good time. Listen on in! And her show is every weekday at 1pm EST so check in then, too. Amie is not vegan (she talks about eating a lobster roll on this particular show…), so don’t be surprised if she drops a dairy bomb on you all! I was actually on this show in January, too, but I don’t have that podcast. Maybe soon!

Listen to me rant on the radio, here!


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