Drop Your Panties! The Cinnamon Snail Comes to NYC

Holy food porn!

I am doing a dizzy little girl dance about the fact that the New Jersey based vegan food truck the Cinnamon Snail is coming to New York City! Now I can stalk them on the weekends when I am visiting my fella and FINALLY connect with vegan mastermind Adam Sobel, who I have been emailing for over a year trying to get a meet-up going on. Seitan burritos and donuts, here I come!

On Monday the 26th they are coming to  the Flatiron District. While this is their  3rd season on the road, it’s their first year with full service to NYC.

They are also going to be (squeeze!) debuting two new menu items for the spring:

Ancho chili seitan burger

With beer simmered onions and garlic, arugula, piri piri pepper sauce, and horseradish cream on grilled herb focaccia

Smoked portobello mushroom carpaccio 

With fried caper berries, caramelized onions,  truffled kalamata olive tapenade,  and arugula on grilled herb focaccia

I'll jerk YOUR ginger tofu

 But what IS the Cinnamon Snail, you want to know!? And why are they coming to NYC?

The Cinnamon Snail has been mostly in Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark and Red Bank NJ for the last two years. Hoboken has passed a new vending ordinance, which makes it completely unaffordable and difficult for food trucks to operate. So their loss is NYC’s gain!

The truck of gasmy goodness will operate frequently in the Flatiron District,  FiDi, Midtown, the LES, Williamsburg, and other areas on Manhattan and Brooklyn (oh sweet Brooklyn!!) on a regular basis.

Stalk their daily location, specials, and event updates on twitter: @VeganLunchTruck or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theCinnamonSnail

Why stalk them? Don’t you want to hang out with these jokesters?

On top of being a truck full of total vegan badasses, The Cinnamon Snail is/has been:

  •  The country’s first organic vegan food truck
  • A 2010 and 2011 vendy award nominee
  • Winners of the 2011 vendy award for their vanilla bourbon creme brulee donuts
  • Named the No. 1 vegetarian street food in America by PETA
  • Winners of a  2011 Libby award for best east coast food truck
  • Named one of the top ten food trucks in the country by Yahoo.com in 2010
  • Nominated for the 2011 VegNews Veggie Awards
  • Featured on the Cooking Channel, New York Times, Time Out NY, vVgetarian Times, Veg News, Asbury Park Press and probably on the FBI’s most wanted list (of places to eat of course)

SO if you live in our around NYC, get on that!! I know I will. I’m coming for you, Cinnamon Snail, and my appetite is voracious. So get ready to get in me.


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