Stuff I Get Off On: Popbars

Eat me!

This weekend, while dragging my hangover around NYC, I stopped by Popbar, a unique little Gelato-On-A-Stick shop located in the West Village on Carmine Street. I went there because I heard a rumor (and by rumor, I mean their lovely PR strategist clued me in…) that Popbar has a line of vegan sweet eats, called popSorbettos.

PopSorbettos are made with real fruit, so you can feel healthy while eating them. Plus, you can dip and roll them in things like chocolate, pistachios and coconut. And, like all phallic-shaped frozen foods, they are good fun to slurp away on.

All popbars are made in house, by “popologists” (cute, right?) in small batches of 26. So flavors vary daily, and when I stopped in the popSorbetto options were strawberry and blood orange. I had one of each, obviously. Actually I shared with my saucy friend K, who isn’t a vegan but is easily bribed with free food.  She claimed the popbar helped with her head-ache, caused by indulging in one too many pickle backs the night before.

Popbar rep Katrin told me that not only are all popSorbetto flavors vegan but their dark chocolate dip is dairy-free, too! (Note, however, that the dark chocolate does not use certified vegan sugar.) I dipped both my pops in dark chocolate, and rolled the strawberry in shredded coconut. They were both delicious—not too sweet, with real fruity flavor. The blood orange was particularly unique, although I liked the texture of the strawberry better; creamier, and not as icy.

After enjoying our sorbettsicles on the side of the street, K and I high-fived and headed off to an orgy. JUST KIDDING. (Commence breathing, Dad…)

It’s getting warmer out, which means soon it will be prime frozen phallic treat season, so if you’re in NYC check them out!


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2 Responses to Stuff I Get Off On: Popbars

  1. vegan sugar? what’s that????

    • sexytofu says:

      Standard sugar is usually processed through bone char. Yuck. If you want to make sure it’s vegan you have to find vegan certified sugar! Most health food stores and even some mainstream grocery stores carry it.

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