Reroute! Bif Naked; Rocker in the Raw

I hope that's pleather, Biffy!

I don’t usually redirect my SexyTofu readers to my rants on other sites, but I had a great interview with bad-ass Canadian recording artist Bif Naked a few weeks back, and wrote about it on pop-vegan culture portal Bif is a raw vegan, MMA enthusiast, poet, writer and all around insanely smokin’ hot, inside and out. Here is a little teaser from the article. Feel free to check out iEatGrass for the entire thing, and  read about Bif’s upcoming memoir, and find a link to her talking about that time she scooped a homeless man’s crap out of her dog’s mouth. If that ain’t devotion I just don’t know what is.

Bif Naked; Rocker in the Raw

“It’s f*cking raining here!” is one of the first things I hear from the potty-mouthed punker when I get a hold of her. Calling me from Vancouver, Bif’s deep, throaty croon is as enthralling over the phone as it is pumping out of the speakers in my car.

When you hear terms like “raw food vegan,” and “cancer survivor,” images of shining lithe blondes a la Kris Carr may immediately come to mind. And when you think about a tattooed, grungy punk rocker with a passion for Mixed Martial Arts and a mouth like a truck driver, someone living a straight edge life-style is probably not what you envision. Yet Bif Naked, an Indian- born American-Canadian singer, writer, musician and poet is all of the above, and more.

Read more here.


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