Winning: More Exciting Than Morning Wood!

If this doesn’t make you at least a bit fuzzy I worry about your ability to feel emotion (Photo by Nilesh J. Bhange.


Thanks to all who entered my First Ever Contest, where I asked you all to send me your favorite sexy meal suggestion, your favorite pre or post sex ritual and/or try to pick me up on Twitter with an awesome one liner.

The winner from the comment entries was too hard for me to decide so I went to for a random number.

The winner was reader Angela, who I will be emailing as soon as I finish posting this!

Her response?

A Sexy dinner would be papperdell pasta with a creamy vegan white sauce, because the way it slides across your tongue and its thick and wide. Its easy to make dirty talk when eating this. For presex fun, my husband and I go to coconut oil (extra virgin…lol!) for slippery good times.

From the Twitter entries, the prize goes to @sweetpotato222 for her winning pick up line:

The fact that this is her ONLY tweet and I am pretty sure she created a Twitter account just to Tweet me  basically won me over. Plus she is clever and hot and I am shallow and easily impressed. Boom!

The winners are going to receive packages from me including my favorite Astroglide products, my favorite Blossom Organics products, and my favorite Filthy Farmgirl products, which I have reviewed in the Stuff I Get Off On section.

Stay tuned for another contest! Want to see if I get off on your products? Send them my way so I may shamelessly endorse you! Gotta love a hobby that pays in lube…


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One Response to Winning: More Exciting Than Morning Wood!

  1. Katie says:

    Awesone idea keep the contests coming!!

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