I Smell A Contest: Wanna Win Sexy Stuff?

I am excited to be holding the first-ever contest here on SexyTofu! I have some amazing sexy stuff to give out, all products featured in Stuff I Get Off On. There are two ways to win, and two winners will be chosen; feel free to enter both ways to up your chances. Winners will get a fun SexyTofu approved box filled with Astroglide products, soap from Filthy Farmgirl’s raunch line, and a few other surprise goodies. Here are the following ways you can win:

Entry One:
– Subscribe to SexyTofu over there on the right!
– Follow me on Twitter @SexyTofuBlog and tweet me an all-star pick up line (get creative!) with #Contest in it so I know what you’re after, and the following shortlink so that you spread the SexyTofu love : http://wp.me/pJxw4-AB

Entry Two:
In the comments section below, tell me one (or both) of the following:

Your favorite pre or post sex ritual. This can be as stereotypical as the post-gasm cigarette (bad bad cancer!) or an inventive way you and your partner get steamed up or cooled down. Rituals can be simple, like saucy pillow talk, or inventive. Ever thought about dumping warm noodles all over your naked body? Want your lady to go down on you while you watch Godzilla on a projector screen? What?! Some people have vivid imaginations and really nice butts. Get creative!

The go-to meal you would prepare for someone you are trying to impress, because we all know that—aside from nurturing your body and enjoying delicious food—the main reason you like to cook is to impress people. Especially people you are hoping to sleep with. I’m onto you!

Contest will run from today until Wednesday the 25th! Check back on the 26th to see the winner.

I encourage you to try and come up with the most interesting, creative answer possible. Or you could make up a bold-faced lie—I will probably never know.

..Not this kind of contest


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16 Responses to I Smell A Contest: Wanna Win Sexy Stuff?

  1. Juliana says:

    Massaged kale salad with many suggestive comments about massaging things with oil while making and vegan fettucini alfredo because it is creamy and silky and seductive 🙂

  2. James K says:

    Massages! The less clothing, the better.

  3. Brown Cow says:

    I love the post sex high five. Yeah, we totally do one. It makes us both laugh and usually leads to cuddling and kissing and warm fuzzy feelings, but it definitely makes me certain that sex is something we are enjoying together. Not just something that one is doing for the other person. It’s like weird reassurance that we’re both fully present and in the moment.

    As for meals, I like to make vegan spanakopita for people. OR, if they’re someone I really want to impress, I will make them tamales because I know a lot of people who have never eaten them and I love the conversation and confusion that surrounds new foods!

  4. Pre sex: Drinks, and lots of them.. but never too much where you’re pretending to be some Olympic gymnast and wake up contorted, sprained ankles and pulled muscles, etc. Not too creative, but Jack Daniels makes for fun times.

    Post sex: Skip cuddling, uck! Pull a Jersey Shore and get them OUT. No, I’m just kidding. Usually I like to smoke the cliche ciggie and pass out- showerless, too. I don’t know why I like feeling dirty all night into the next day, but I sure as hell do 😉

    What to cook to turn on the heat: Some barbecue-y meat dish… ribs, burgers, steak. I automatically disqualify myself from the contest by stating that on SexyTofu.com, but the meatier the better. I want my boy in top physical condition (and mental- BBQ triggers some super happy place in boys’ brains) before I put them through whatever dirty things my mind is working up.

    Love love love this contest idea! ❤

  5. Beth says:

    My hubby has a shoe/foot/trampling fetish so we like getting nasty with high heels or boots (on ME, that is.)

  6. Beth says:

    and I’m subscribed- yay!

  7. Angela says:

    A Sexy dinner would be papperdell pasta with a creamy vegan white sauce, because the way it slides across your tongue and its thick and wide. Its easy to make dirty talk when eating this. For presex fun, my husband and I go to coconut oil (extra virgin…lol!) for slippery good times.

  8. dinner – something light but stunningly delicious, maybe a pasta dish with a small amount of noodles but a large amount of veggies (it’s never sexy to feel weighed down and heavy after eating too large a meal, right?) and then a decadent, sexy, chocolatey dessert!

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  10. Jessa says:

    My boyfriend and I wrestle before sex. Like, actually have wrestling matches on the mattress. We are both competitive, and so we find the physicality and aggression behind it a major turn on. Eventually the clothes come off and we get down to business!

  11. Samantha says:

    I like baking for a potential love interest. It’s thoughtful and I like to think I’m pretty good at it! Pre sex fun is anything that gives an excuse for touching each other, from a game to watching a scary movie and being forced to cuddle up, high school style.

  12. Subscribed and twitter’d!

    For my go to meal… I’d have to say that I rarely make the same thing twice. I’d probably make a pasta dish, maybe chicken alfredo. Or some type of asian stir fry.

  13. Brit says:

    Skip the meal and go straight to dessert – chocolate covered strawberries!

  14. Kay says:

    Can I say that contest photo with the women with the bag heads is hilarious? Also, I don’t know what I would cook for pre-sex fun, but I know what I would NOT cook. Anything with too much garlic, or onion, or beans, or broccoli, or anything else that makes you smell/bloat/be gassy. Yuck. Not sexxxy.

  15. Noelle says:

    Favorite pre-sex ritual? Definitely dancing half-naked (alone) in my room, in front of the mirror. Music with a bumpin’, sexy beat is key- Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” is one of my more current picks. It puts me in such a confident mood and totally ramps up my energy! Post-sex ritual? Peeing. Nothing sexier than UTI prevention, ladies!

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