Stuff I Get Off On: Road Trips and the Tree Hugger’s Café

This past weekend was an interesting blend of terrific and terrible. My friend H and I took a road-trip to Ohio to surprise our friend, B. We set it up with B’s hubby, all sneaky-like. It wasn’t until we were ¾ of the way there that we thought, hmmm, I hope she wants to see us and isn’t pissed we dropped in for the weekend unannounced. Whoops!

When B got out of her car after work, we popped out and verbally assaulted her, demanding she “get in our van,” an inside joke left-over from college about a friend who hooked-up with a (male) basketball player dressed as a golden girl inside a Campus Cleaner’s van. Nothin’ sexier than a dude wearing a dress and bonnet in a van full of laundry. There was obnoxious squealing and hugging and lots of jumping up and down.

The weekend was awesome, and the car ride home was peaceful—right until I reached my driveway where  some maniac plowed into the side of my car and totaled it. Oh, I wish I was kidding. A 9 hour drive home to get plowed pulling into my apartment.

The only thing I like better than surprises and getting plowed  (sorry) is new eateries. We checked out the Tree Hugger’s Café,  in Berea, which isn’t a completely vegan place but has a plethora of veg-centric options. Everything was delicious, and they served us carafes of chilled water with nasturtiums floating inside, so extra points for presentation.

I will tell you that the food-porniest bit of the meal was the plate of sweet potato fries we split. Sweet potato fries are my go-to indulgence, and these were so good we ate the entire plate before we realized perhaps a picture was in order. (Food blog fail, per usual.) They were dusted with cinnamon sugar, hot and crisp and inhaled in .5 seconds to a symphony of moans because all three of us are pretty enthusiastic eaters.

H and I both had what they called a ‘protein wrap’ (I’ll give YOU a protein wrap…) which was beans, brown rice, sprouts, avo and veggies rolled up. It was served with a side of raw kale salad which made me happy as I have been on a kale kick. The kale was dressed simply and mixed with diced tomato and kalamata olives. The wrap was good although it was definitely something I could have come up with easily on my own.

Here's the kale it never fails it makes me want to wag my tail...

B ordered a black bean burger which looked fantastic but I couldn’t tell you for sure because she had some cheese on there. Normally the burger is served on a pretzel roll, but B ordered it on italian herb bread because I think the idea of a burger wrapped in a pretzel scared her a bit.

Pretend there is no cheese. Then it's vegan. Shhh.

After we finished the savory we split a peanut buttery fudgy brownie and we legitimately had to cut it into sections before we ate it because we didn’t trust each other not to fight with our forks. It was rich in the most satisfying way; the best part was the layer of creamy peanut butter fudge. There was crumb tonguing.

Ohhhhhh yeah.

We liked our meal so much we ordered MORE food to take home and eat for dinner. Kale salad twice in one day makes me a very happy lady indeed, even on a cold day because Ohio is fffffffrigid.

It bothers me that the accent mark on the e in cafe has fallen, making it appear all weird and awkwardly posessive. Yargh.

Have you been to the Tree Hugger’s Cafe? How do you eat your kale? Ever driven 9 hours to surprise someone you love? Wanna rant about terrible drivers or console me for the loss of my beautiful new Honda Fit, who I called Sexy Sadie? Leave it in the comments.

Sadie and me, in a post road trip euphoria back in October. Le sigh.


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One Response to Stuff I Get Off On: Road Trips and the Tree Hugger’s Café

  1. roger says:

    steamed lacinato kale is my favourite, usually for breakfast!

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