Guest Post Fetish Friday: Phantom Sex?!

[Editor’s Note: Hey there, sexyfood faces.  The following is the first ever SexyTofu guest post, written by my extremely intelligent, extremely sexy, earthy-crunch friend Alex, who is currently studying to be a naturopathic doctor. In Arizona. I AM INSANELY JEALOUS OF YOU, ARIZONA. CHECK YOUR BACKSEAT. Enjoy!]

Phunky Phantom Phetish Phriday (never fear, not a Phish reference)

 By Alex Cope

 Okay, so I have so been a follower of my dear friend Z’s blog. She is so spunky and open. She asked me to guest write and I asked, geeky science or sexy?  She responded I’m sure your geeky science will peek in somewhere or the other. And here it is!

Editor's note: I don't know what this is, but Alex sent it to me. So it must be smart.

I decided to pick up this new thing called “leisure reading” during my 2 week break fromNaturopathic Medical School. With 27 hours of classes and studying… reading on my free time? NOPE!—Lest it is shorty articles about music, arts, or food….

Okay, back to my story—no idea how an ADHD kid gets through medical school …

I decided to revisit the book, Phantoms in the Brain, by VS Ramachandran, MD, PHD & Sandra Blakesee. This book watered my neuroanatomy – geek sprout by looking into funky neuro cases that every neurologist and psychologist toss in the “odd-cases –that-I can’t-solve, therefore, patient-must-be-a-head-case” drawer.

 (ADHD strikes again: Did you know that there are people with such severe Multiple Personality Disorder that their eyes change color?! Patient S even experienced her hair graying overnight with the emergence of another personality! )

But the funny sex link I found was phantom limbs. A phantom limb is a phenomenon in which a patient that has had an amputation still experiences coinciding and precise sensations in their amputated arm. Patients can actually still believe they are grabbing a mug with their hand. Imagine treating a patient with chronic pain. Now imagine treating a patient with chronic pain generated from a limb that no longer is attached to their body. Talk about a difficult neuropathy case.  Okay, I promise you have not been redirected to a neuro-geek blog, here comes the sex section….

This funky picture is called a sensory homunculus. It is basically a map for all the sensations of the brain. So looking at the funny sensory homunculus, you can see that the genitals are close to the feet. Latest research has found that rewiring and remapping takes place in the brain after an amputation. There are many males that have amputated feet. When they have sex, they actually experience the sexual feelings and ejaculations in their amputated foot.  Maybe this has something to do with the foot fetishes that illicit sexual arousal?? This goes for vice versa, if a male has an amputated penis, he can have phantom erections which may be stimulated via his foot.

 There is another sensory homunculus in which a woman’s nipples are closely mapped to the ear. This may explain why women are aroused from that sweet little whisper or nibble of the ear. Many women with mastectomy (removal of the breasts) can experience phantom sexual stimulation from the stroke of the sternum (the boney area between your nipples).

 Take home story:

From my science-geek: Always look at the exceptions and question why? Never accept an exception. Why is it that water expands when frozen when other liquids shrink?

From the sex blog perspective: If you have sex with an amputee, he may be experiencing ejaculation from the tip of his toes and his penis. Now, that is a feat.

 Cheers to fetish Fridays. 

[The author is too modest to write her own byline so I will do it for her. Alex Cope is a stone cold fox. She is a culinary genius with an affinity for high-quality footwear.  She lives really far away from me with her Golden-doodle, Gryff, and her ferret, Bilbo Baggins, who once stole my checkbook.  She smells of angels.]

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5 Responses to Guest Post Fetish Friday: Phantom Sex?!

  1. Beth says:

    Awesome guest post- I like! And I’ve seen that image before in one of my textbooks! It was a hypothetical model of the human body if the amount of sensation matched size of body parts, i.e. more feeling in the hands= ginormous digits.

  2. LunaSunshine says:

    This is hilarious, gross, scientific, factual, and about a dozen other possibly conflicting adjectives, all in the same sentence. Excellent work!

    I have always been interested in the neuroscience of phantom extremities. For instance, my own mother has phantom toothaches. She hasn’t had teeth in at least two decades, maybe more. I occasionally have phantom movement in my abdomen, a leftover sensation of pregnancy. Supposedly, it is common. But, not so common once a woman hasn’t been pregnant in over three years!

    Why is it that the wiring seems to stay there indefinitely?

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