I Smell a Field Trip: Museum of Sex

Whatcha got there?

This past weekend, in celebration of my friend K’s birthday, we took a trip into the city to visit the Museum of Sex (also known as MoSex). We met a couple of  friends at the museum, and spent about 4 hours perusing the different exhibits and having a nice smutty and very educational adventure.

The museum has an interesting maze-like layout, taking you up and down stairs with arrows reading “more exhibits this way.” At some point, in an attempt to re-visit exhibits before leaving, we found ourselves moving against the grain of traffic and got a bit turned around, despite the fact the place is small.

The first exhibit we came into was “Action: Sex and the Moving Image,” portraying sexuality in cinema, television and the internet. A wide range of clips were displayed, from Paris Hilton’s infamous exposure, to classic porn, snippets from old black and white films and early stag reels.

“The Sex Lives of Animals” was probably one of my favorites, and the exhibit covered everything from panda porn, to homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck (say what!?) to the deer’s Ménage à trois habits to dolphin blow hole sex. An interesting feature on the Bonobo had me enthralled for a good 20 minutes—not only does this frisky little monkey have sex for pleasure, but the females often rub genitals as a form of bonding.

Blow hole party

“Obscene Diary” followed the extensively self-documented sexcapades of Sam Steward, a pornographer/professor/tattoo artist/avid sailor enthusiast. (He liked the sailors. Not the act of sailing. Big difference.) Through a series of codes, Steward documented his sex life in a card-filing system labeled “Stud Files.” Although he never had a serious relationship, he chronicled over 4,500 sexual encounters with over 800 men in his lifetime. Busy boy.  This exhibit had an extensive amount of reading, so you will spend a good bit of time there. Unless you’re like the girl who passed by me and commented, after getting 3/4 of the way through the exhibit, “Oh, he was gay?!” Clearly she read nothing.

“Comics Stripped” was interesting, to say the least. I’m a big Disney enthusiast, but if you’re not interested in seeing Snow White with all of the seven dwarves, you should probably sit this one out. The exhibit showcased pervy, I mean, sexually expressive, cartoon artists from the 30s through present. The man who fashioned robot porn was particularly captivating.

The gift shop offered a selection of sex toys, books, condoms and funny giftables. A café below, aptly named Oral Fix, served up aphrodisiac elixirs and edibles, which we skipped in favor of some less refined (read: less expensive but equally as delicious) dark beer a few blocks away which seemed to be just as effective of an aphrodisiac.

The museum is located on 5th and 27th, and is open 7 days a week. A ticket will only set you back $17.50, $15.25 for seniors and students. For obvious reasons, minors are not invited.

Have you been to Mosex? What did you think? Are you equally as fascinated with the sex life of Bonobos? I can’t imagine how complicated my life would be if I had to walk around with engorged sex-bits when I am in heat, a la the lady Bonobo. (Yet again, glad I don’t have a penis.)


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One Response to I Smell a Field Trip: Museum of Sex

  1. NICK says:

    We totally bought the GroupOn and then didn’t get there before it expired. #GroupOnFail I still want to go sometime.

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