Stuff I Get Off On: The PicoBong Ipo Finger Vibe (and its 12 speed pulse action…)

This is not a finger puppet…

I’ve had a handful of people email me recently for sex toy suggestions—doing a little holiday shopping, perhaps? One reader asked for a “beginner friendly” toy, while another asked for one that is good for using with a friend. Enter the PicoBong Ipo Finger Vibe, which is as fun to use as it is to say. PIICCCCOOOBONG. Sounds like a cute cuddly Japanese anime.

This cute little bullet shaped toy fits over a finger and is small enough for travel and discreet storage. Plus, if you want to use it with a friend, it won’t make them feel inadequate the way bringing some 9 inch monster truck into bed would. It has 12 speeds, the highest of which could probably cause some teeth chattering. Despite its power-toolesque capabilities, it is pretty quiet, which is key if you live with people who would probably be uncomfortable hearing a lawn-mower in your bedroom at midnight.

This is actually the first toy whose “pulse” speed, or should I say speeds (it has 12 pulse varieties) actually appealed to me. A while back, while showing a toy to a friend, he asked me why that toy didn’t have a pulse option.( I do this on occasion, like a dog bringing its favorite bone to a new house guest. Look what I got! Tail wags all around.)

“No one uses pulse, anyways. It’s not a blender,” I replied.
“I am sure someone uses it, or they wouldn’t keep making vibrators with pulse options,” he commented, logically.
“Whoever keeps putting out pulsing vibes clearly has no clitoris,” I retorted. Because really, who wants to be flicked repeatedly in your most sensitive area? That sounds like a mean play-ground game.

Now, this doesn’t happen often, so pay attention to what I am admitting here: I was wrong. Apparently I just had some bad experiences with past pulse settings, because the Finger Vibe pulse option may have just ruined my social life. The only qualm I have with it is that in order to get the pulsey goodness, you have to first take the toy to full speed. Some ladies are sensitive and full speed—pulse or no pulse—might make them a bit numb.

Tell me your favorite sex toy, please. Do you use the pulse option for anything other than making soup in your Cuisinart?


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One Response to Stuff I Get Off On: The PicoBong Ipo Finger Vibe (and its 12 speed pulse action…)

  1. Janey says:

    hey omg i looove ipo too!!!! btw, there are 12 modes!!!!! cool review 🙂

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