Today’s Rant: 5 Ways to Nix Your Winter Blues

Let’s face it; winter sucks. The weather is cold, it’s still dark when you wake up and when you get out of work, and all of your friends suddenly have significant others because it’s cuffin’ season, and so you’re left to watch read copious amounts of books porn and cuddle your cat on a Friday night because it’s too cold to walk to the bar and plus, going there alone would sort of make you seem like an alcoholic, no?

Here are 5 ways to cheer yourself up if you’re feeling a chill from what your therapist calls “Seasonal Onset Depression,” which is psycho babble for “It’s Too Cold Out.”
1. Call someone who loves you. This can be your mom, old college roomie, ex-boyfriend still hung up on you, your dad who will harass you about the inappropriate content of your blog and your misuse of the word “anyway” but adores you all the same, whatever. Someone who will make you feel appreciated and loved and needed.
2. Cook. There is a reason people gain weight in the winter. It’s cold out, you are probably stuck inside and possibly bored, and you want something comforting and warm in your belly. Open your cupboards and get creative with what you already have. I like pancakes for dinner.
3. Do something creative. Write, draw, sing, play an instrument, make a collage, knit a sweater, whatever. Spending time making something, anything, offers a great sense of productivity and empowerment.
4. Dance. Put on something you know will get you moving, and jump around. The sillier, the better. Nothing to make you smile like a bit of silliness.
6. Love yourself. Unless you have a friend around to give you an O, a little self love will do a world of wonders. Say it with me: Oxcytocins. In the mood for a new toy? Check out for some inspiration. Spoil yourself with a bit of retail therapy; Christmas is only a few weeks away and patience has never been my thing, anyway.


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One Response to Today’s Rant: 5 Ways to Nix Your Winter Blues

  1. or don’t bother and go somewhere warm for the winter instead…like hawaii…when ya coming over?

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