Fetish Friday: Narratophilia

Narratophilia, a lust for dirty talk, is a relatively common fetish. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get the same attention as some of its weirder sensory specific cousins, like Olfactophilia. Narratophiles can vary in intensity, from those who just enjoy a bit of raunchy rapport, to those who can’t get off without it. Below is my interview with Sebastian, a cheeky guy in his mid-twenties with a dry sense of humor who likes a bit of word play in bed.

Z: Tell me a bit about your fetish–I think you said you weren’t even aware that dirty talk counts as a fetish, right? Gimme some background. Tell me what, exactly, you like about it.
S: I didn’t think it was a fetish no. I always knew that I liked it, but never really had the guts to put it into practice until rather recently. I think it’s the idea of someone describing what is happening and what they want to do you/have done to them that is the turn on. Saying all the dirty things that are frowned upon in other circumstances, but are ok in the bedroom…that’s fun.

Z: Many people who have a narratophilia fetish will become aroused at the sound of obscene words even if they aren’t being used in a sexual context. Does it work that way for you, or do you have to be gettin’ down at the moment.

S: Hearing someone say obscene words may alter my train of thought in a certain direction, but I’m not going to get a hard-on if I hear a taxi cab driver cussing out a pedestrian.  It’s usually only within an already sexually charged environment that it is a turn on.

Z: Would you prefer to do the dirty talk, or listen to it?
S: Both.

Z: Is engaging in some sort of raunchy banter required in order for you to get off?
S: No, but it definitely helps a lot.

Z: What about porn? Could you get off without a visual—audio porn?
S: Totally.

Z: How does it work with your sexual partners? Have they been pretty open to it? Ever a bad experience?
S: Usually people are pretty into it.  I find most people have a raunchy side and that they just need to feel comfortable to let it come through.  I start…they usually follow.

Z :Okay, pretend you’re all up inside me at this very moment. What would you say? Gimme what you got. Hah is that awkward? I don’t believe anything is awkward.
S: You look lovely this evening.  Your hair is very soft. 

What a tease!

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2 Responses to Fetish Friday: Narratophilia

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  2. david says:

    i think dirty talk stirs up ur adrenalin women know that it turns a man on but when u can say things to a women that they have never heard from ur average i love my own dick man they will be shaking from head to foot wanting your cock u can make them wet without touching them then leave them alone and wait for them to come to you thats when it becomes electric same planet oooooooooooo yhe xx

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