Marry Me, Sunday: Melancholia and Vegan Cupcakes

Some heavy stuff right there

This weekend, on a lazy hazy Sunday afternoon I was in New York City seeing a friend, who took me to go see Melancholia. The poster, showing Kirsten Dunst in her wedding dress floating in a pond, boasts two quotes, one from Entertainment Weekly and the second from the Village Voice. They read as follows:  “Stunning. A movie that leaves the viewer in a state of ecstasy,” and “When I left the theatre, I felt light, rejuvenated and unconscionably happy.” I think those reviewers must have been on some pretty heavy uppers to feel ecstatic after watching the film, which is about the end of the earth. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the movie. It was jarring, compelling, visually stimulating and morbid in the best kind of way.  But, when I walked out, I was feeling pretty depressed. In fact, I would have left the theatre incredibly depressed if it weren’t for the following three reasons:

1. The friend I was with is very very delicious, and it’s hard to feel miserable while cozying next to someone that delicious.

2. The theatre, Angelika Film Center, is located over the subway. Every now and then, I got to feel a lovely rumble under me, which was very fitting when watching a film about earth being hit by a huge planet ironically named after an emotional disorder.

3. ANGELIKA FILM CENTER HAS VEGAN CUPCAKES. Oh yes. And cookies. And brownies. And sandwiches. On our way to the theatre, I commented a few times that I was hungry in my usual fashion; “Feed me, Seymour!” But we were late, and hung over, and so we just kept on trucking. And, my friend assured me there would be food at the theatre. This didn’t sound too promising, because most movie theatres only have the traditional popcorn and candy combo. But when we walked in, we got our tickets and he pointed out they had a little café, and I shouted out (probably to my friend’s embarrassment) “vegan cupcakes?! I just came.” (By the way, the vegan desserts were listed under a part of the menu that read “healthy.” There is nothing healthy about a cupcake, nor should there be—ever!)

Anyway, standing in line I asked him what he thought was in the menu listing  “vegan sandwich.” “Uhm, vegans?” he responded. We laughed about this, and when I got up to the front of the line I placed my order with the clueless counter girl who was either having a terrible day, or had no sense of humor…or both. This was our conversation:

Me: So, let me ask you, what is in your vegan sandwich?
Girl: (giving me a look as if I am a moron) It’s vegan.
Me: Right but what does it have in it?
Girl: No meat. Vegan.
Me: Yes but…what is in it?
Girl: (staring blankly)
Me: Are there vegans in it? ( Humor and sarcasm wasted!)
Girl: What? It’s vegan. It’s a vegan sandwich.
Me: Right…I’ll take a vegan cupcake.

And I did. And it was amazing. It had sprinkles. I was giddy like a little girl. I can’t remember the last time I was in a movie theatre eating a snack I didn’t make at home and smuggle in my purse, feeling half guilty and half Screw-The-Man!

Check the sprinkles! Sorry it's so I theatre

Ramble recap: Cute boy + Good (albeit depressing) Movie + Subway Rumble + Vegan Cupcake = Heavenly Sunday. How was your Sunday?


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2 Responses to Marry Me, Sunday: Melancholia and Vegan Cupcakes

  1. NICK says:

    I’ve gotta see it, dammit!

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