Fetish Friday: Oh For Feets Sake!

TGIFF! This week I am covering the love of feet. Foot fetishism, or podophelia, is actually the most common form of fetishism for a non-sexual object or body part. To get an inside perspective,  I talked with a philosophy loving proggy-rocker in his early 20s who has what he labeled as a “mild” foot fetish. I let him pick his own pseudonym , and he chose Tom Thumb. Read on as Tom and I talk about Pavlovian responses, socks and foreplay. Now there’s a teaser if I ever heard one…

Z: Okay first just tell me some general info about your fetish, and how it started.

T : Well I guess it all started when I went to college. I had a girlfriend I would give foot rubs to and that’s how most of our sexual activity together would start.

Z : Oh, so it was like a segue activity? You were conditioned, Pavlovian style. So then is it only touching feet that gets you worked up, or looking too?’

T : Yeah it was sort of our pre foreplay activity.

At first I think it was more of me giving her a foot rub and then seeing her getting off on it. We were together for a few years so this happened pretty frequently. Then after we split up it was always a topic of conversation that would somehow be brought up with any other relationship that I got into.  

Z : Well, do the feet have to be pretty? I mean, I’m a runner and I have some pretty scary feet…just sayin’.

T : Yes the feet have to be pretty. In my opinion I would prefer the feet to be somewhat pretty, because it usually leads to a pretty nice pair of legs.

Z : So if they have gnarly feet, it’s a no-go.

T : Yeah no one likes to be around haggard set of feet. I think it’s going to be a turn off for just about anybody whether they have a foot fetish or not.

Z : Perhaps, unless they have an ugly foot fetish. Ever weird anyone out with your foot-lust?

T : Haha…No it doesn’t usually get to that point. It’s just sort of something that comes up in passing and if they’re cool with it, then I’ll persist further. If they’re not, it’s no biggie.

I’ll tell you what though, I did have a girlfriend once who would refuse to take off her socks. Needless to say, that relationship did not get so far.

Z : What kind of bat-shit crazy girl is going to pass up a dude who wants to rub her feet?

T : Well that’s why I often bring it up, and if she is into it, well then I guess it works out for both of us. And if we end up in bed together then it really worked out well for us.

Z : Right on. Anything else I shoot know how your freaky foot love?

T : Yeah I wouldn’t mind the occasional foot rub there. This shit goes both ways you know?

Z : So you like people to touch your feet, too! Did your ex that started it off touch your feet?

T : Yeah, I guess there is a very strong mental connection that builds up when rubbing feet leads to fellatio, cunnilingus, or any other assorted sexual activity.

Z : Pavlovian!

T : Absolutely!

Z : Okay so, because you find feet sexual, would you not touch the feet of anyone who you wouldn’t find sexual? For instance, if your mom/sister/cousin asked for a foot massage, would you say no because to you, that’s like your mom/sister/cousin asking if they could felate you?

T : Pretty much.

Z : And if a girl gets a pedicure, is that sort of like her getting a bikini wax or some crotchless panties? Like a pre-mating ritual?

T : Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Z : Verryyy interesting. Thanks for talking with me about feet!

Do you have a fetish you want to talk about? Do you also love feet? Hate feet? I want to know! Leave it in the comments or shoot it over to sexytofublog (at) yahoo.com. Oh, and follow me on Twitter, @sexytofublog . DO IT.


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5 Responses to Fetish Friday: Oh For Feets Sake!

  1. ok…so my bf has pretty scary feet…actually scary toes, missing nails, fungus etc, but it’s a turn on to me to take care of his feet for him, up close and personal, cause know one else does…and it’s a real turn on for him, and thus for me….and he does have really strong feet, nice arch and great legs….it’s a little like loving someone who is not “classically” good looking or beautiful….they become more and more beautiful to you as you fall in love with them…so just like beauty, fetishes are more than skin deep…..U.F.F. (ugly foot fetish?)

  2. adamjholland says:

    Having my feet rubbed is one thing, but I never got there by viewing her feet. And I doubt, with my funky (almost nonexistent pinky toenail) that she did either. Just sayin’. Still, fun read, as usual.


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